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Europe Week Ahead: Europe’s flimsy feel-good factor

Friday, 11 Jan, 2013 - 02:36

Jan. 11 - Bullish rhetoric and bumper bond sales are lifting euro zone spirits, but German GDP figures and more bond auctions will test whether the feel-good factor can last through next week.

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This is a look ahead to next week's key political and financial events. Hospital -- bullish rhetoric and -- bond sales come to feel good fight and -- knew it was on markets coming on and -- next week. German GDP numbers for the whole of 2012 likely to give us the biggest clear and battle and has already wanting that it expects fresh contraction in Q4. Economists polled by Reuters -- -- that we suit and we'll get these figures on Tuesday. Also next -- keep an eye out for you was on industrial production on Monday. I could -- -- back into positive tennis in November up. But also get CPI and retail sales numbers from the UK sales seemed broadly flat on the month while inflation is forecast to edge higher. That's unlikely to help the bank of England and his decision on whether to extend stimulus measures in the coming months. On the -- from Ireland Spain and Italy this week lifted status in the -- -- on on the plenty more text in the states to come. Spain France and Germany all the -- to come to the market. Some analysts expecting Daniels to head higher after yesterday's upbeat tone and ECB sapped safe haven demand for German debt. Meanwhile Spain's falling on you as a fueling speculation that Madrid one's -- to ask for a bailout. But S and p.'s head of European sovereign analysis but it's Kramer says just to Bally total that I've. If we had a few months ago Owens and Spain while also paying -- 7% interest bonds and they didn't apply for a program. With a choice -- gets it's less likely that they would do it now that that the yield is around 5% to. -- but if they did say that if the result of the -- -- risk aversion we're too soon to come back with a vengeance. And it's Spain where two actually requests the program we would expected to be grown to it's and we would not expect of this is a negative. Effective for the for the raging out of the kingdom. That could be a new name at the top table -- his -- finance ministers next week -- -- for summit due to take place a week on Monday. Which means we should find out next -- able to please don't collagen but as president. Fun Annan is Dutch finance minister joined by so -- He's only been in his -- job a few months but is reported to have cross party support from several members states. On the corporate front watch out for more clues to the health of the European consumer up trading update you from major retailers including natural and kind of thought. The week's big earnings come out of the US though the big bikes -- supports. Not some look ahead to next week I'm -- to give up this approach to.

Europe Week Ahead: Europe’s flimsy feel-good factor

Friday, 11 Jan, 2013 - 02:36

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