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Reuters Asks: Who will stop QE first?

Friday, 11 Jan, 2013 - 02:14

Jan. 11 - We ask financial professionals which major central bank will be the first to end quantitative easing.

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I think the Federal Reserve will be the first Central Bank to stop. And the reasons to that a twofold firstly the Federal Reserve holds the world's reserve currency and so when I make the move other central banks will follow up. And the second point is is I don't know relative economic basis for the US economy improving fog creek have another wealthy developed nations there's more of an economic impetus to -- QE. First I think that's going to be the -- I -- -- so we've already seen it holds it quite trust oblivious and stop this -- -- -- -- -- to stop -- threes and 75 -- absolutely -- a long time since it probably 5% luck nothing skies becoming increasingly clear. To the -- ask for God's will -- wife -- when the stats incorporated economy. Announced today site I think in some respects to meaning you can remastered whereas I think at the US breaks in the hands fervently want. -- -- the fate has signaled that it is going to be aggressive on Q8. Until it's got signs the most sustainable economy. Site nothing else pass -- the -- policy committee. Old Bank of England generally. Is the first it's -- Central Bank city to hold QE operations. I would say it has to be the US I think they -- -- into its I think that probably going to be the first part of it's the real economy. Seems to have it achieved escape velocity though she does that have much of and said here's what he'd had -- bit of the final settlement from the pistol that might be. Out of course that -- an indication in the most recently released. Minutes from the Fed from December that they are thinking about -- and coming -- -- -- sooner -- electricity on the exit at the moment -- because you think. Would think that the way to the Bank of England is that it is going to be the first ones to. I wasn't for all. -- -- you -- when I say wants them for all stalled. I think that might also probably I would say a year. I find it very hard in this a day and age for these central banks. To -- all together. Que es when they have this huge debt --

Reuters Asks: Who will stop QE first?

Friday, 11 Jan, 2013 - 02:14

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