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Techquity: Creative destruction in tech; Facebook soars

Friday, 11 Jan, 2013 - 03:08

Jan. 11 - How technology continues to shake up related industries and how Facebook is soaring in 2013.

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Next technology reshaping PTV harder business and the tech industry itself. First up. Technology is all about creative destruction and he TV's probably one of the right to start -- hundred million households in the US -- -- cable or satellite TV. Rates are going up fast and deflation. Few if any are happy with their service member that we cable guy. -- an opportunity for area the company backed in -- Barry Diller just announced it's expanding to 22 more cities. Company asked people to watch local TV at home or on the go for eighty bucks a year the lot cheaper than cable. So -- only local stations but area plants that other stations. Combine it with services like Netflix Hulu and apple TV and is increasingly less reason to get satellite or cable TV. In fact the number of households without ATV is now are rising steadily. Stocks in companies like DirecTV and dish network's mainly cheap using common metric for -- measuring media company's total value the firm dividing ebitda. And this basis they traded a 30% discount the S&P 500. -- huge risk here -- subscribers may decide it's cheaper and better t.'s rivals like area. Now technology changing the Harvard business when's the last time you bought a PC or TV. -- -- You're probably spending more time your Smartphone or tablet. Engaging with our four person in. Apple Amazon Google and FaceBook. Case in point CS electronic show feels football field got the football field with giant TVs computers and other gadgets. You won't find the world's largest tech company there is apple even Microsoft stopped giving the keynote address at the show which wraps up today. We even got a whole we -- -- again mention. The show concludes -- tech industry tracker IDC releases data showing PC sales fell during the holiday season the first time in five years. Different story FaceBook and also fallen over each other in the past few weeks upgrade the stock investors are buying it. Shares within a whisker of thirteen dollars -- one point on Friday. Social -- stock is up close to 20% so far in 2013. That would put in the top three the S&P 500 but remember. Now tech attack in the best of their past US Department of Homeland Security is urging computer users to disable Oracle's Java software. Hackers have figured out how to exploit Java to install malicious software enabling them to commit crimes and the government's -- practical solution of the problem. The warning whoever's not hurting oracle stock it's up fractionally -- new 52 week high 35 bucks. Soaring -- time our look at the movers. First stories and this this year listed shares in the Indian software services firm jumped more than 15% after raised its revenue forecast. And posted a stronger than expected profit. And sputtering Corning. Goldman Sachs cutting the maker of glass for the consumer electronics to neutral from buy shares down 3%. That's tech we do this Friday remember you can follow us on Twitter -- -- -- technique -- -- here in this writers.

Techquity: Creative destruction in tech; Facebook soars

Friday, 11 Jan, 2013 - 03:08

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