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Europe Day Ahead: CPI to drop clues about BoE policy

Monday, 14 Jan, 2013 - 02:30

Jan. 14 - A look at Tuesday’s key events including the latest UK inflation data, German GDP & trading updates from Burberry and H&M.

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There's Soledad to choose -- key political and financial events tossing with the latest UK inflation figures. CPI expected to remain at two point 7% off for surprise jump in October. And remaining -- -- level in November sticky inflation could reduce the scope for the Bank of England to inject more cash. Into the struggling economy. High inflation is weighing on consumer spending holding back economic recovery CIBC's -- stretch says this could by the way on an already weakening pound. If we work to see inflation heading back towards the 3% threshold Napster and buy food prices. But of course is going to take further money out of consumers' pockets but I think that's gonna make the consumer back from -- compromise will further. Under some pressure so I think that does underlined the risks that we could see further weakness of sterling over the course of the current -- coming days and weeks. As we see relatively weak consumer data but also pressure on disposable incomes through -- higher prices. Or system. Our Bank of England governor Levin -- will -- before treasury select committee wants the questions on the bank's latest financial stability report. Updates from fashion brands tomorrow will get more insight into consumer spending in both luxury and high street fashion but every releases its Q3 trade figures. Back in November the British fashion house said it's in strong shape as wealthy shoppers continue to spend on its top and ranges and also announced plans to use perfumes. I'm cosmetics two and a Puerto. And more mainstream -- tell HM publishes its December sales data tomorrow sales in the budget retailer expected to a foreign for a third straight month. As European him on Wayne's. In Germany annual GDP from lost here expects to show the economy grew just eight tenths of 1% and 2012. Extrapolating from -- Europe's largest economy probably shrank in Q4. -- a conference is starting tomorrow west -- in Vienna has two day Euro money conference. Boasting more than thirty policy makers from around emerging Europe to discuss the region's usual post crisis -- We growth the bank deleveraging prospects for Euro entry and economic reforms the IMAX will send teams to cross the -- over Romania and Hungary. And in Abu Dhabi the world future energy summit begins will be bringing you coverage from that -- weak -- voices. That's ought to get to -- state climate problems is for us.

Europe Day Ahead: CPI to drop clues about BoE policy

Monday, 14 Jan, 2013 - 02:30

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