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Market Pulse: The end of the affair - EU breaks up TNT - UPS

Monday, 14 Jan, 2013 - 03:26

Jan. 14 - Faced with a ruling against the merger UPS has walked away from the deal, causing TNT to lose half its value on the stockmarket.

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It's the end of the affair UPS withdraw the seven billion dollar offer but thought apostles company TNT yeah. She doesn't seem to plummet by as much as fifty cent. So UPS -- those -- on the expectation it would be detoured by the European Union the EU commission has so far declined to comment. But the market has given its -- more than two billion euros white told T and t.'s market cap. Joining me now is Chris Dickson market analyst IG well they trust the obvious question is what next for TNT. Well I mean you find themselves in a bit of a hole at the moment this match that we EPS was. Really the key plank of that chastity and now they find themselves -- and if any particular reason for being hands and -- needed. I think -- find another markets but when they go from here is rather difficult to see -- present. On what happens to the board the mean that tends to see its share price collapse by half and one day they can't be sitting too pretty right right now. Well I think they're debriefing rather uncomfortable was going to say the least if they stake their reputations on -- still announced fallen -- thing outcome is some pretty. That accident explaining really tell on some outlined where they -- -- neck. What does this mean if -- can take anything from it for the brother and many environment within you know I mean that -- hit the commission hasn't said anything yet but that. Deals in the pipeline media and choked up on the bucket list. I think certainly they might -- a bit of problems this -- it was widely seen as heralding a sort of new age emanate in Europe and now this has been rather. -- -- put on it companies going to be -- -- more cautious I think looking ahead in any deals that might be in the pipeline might now be blocked for the foreseeable future. I just to finish up your peace talks said the on Taylor eight months of gains us the best bond. Passed since these -- he'll fuss was launched in 1997. Why does try gays positive contagion tending to Greenspan's irrational exuberance. But it does seem as if the markets aren't in the mood to keep going up regardless of any worries and -- the -- too much. Bad news -- the man but as we've learned from crises and velocity is especially here is that it does tend to -- -- when you when you least expect it when that we've had no bad news from Greece Spain -- you know it. Usually offenders it's quite possible that something would -- at some point to surprise the market. On the soul of the top 5% 10% correction. I think we couldn't care correction -- at least 5% and possibly -- it's like reading may just doesn't appear but that -- -- Nothing much to stock markets are present. Look at this thank you very much. Expect to toe meets diamonds -- is buying hi Angela Connie Winston and 750 million dollar deal. Winston's diamonds make regular PNC's on the Oscar red carpet and the Golden Globes and made famous by monumental in the song diamonds -- -- girl's best friend. To finish up let's take a quick look at some of the action on the currency markets and the Google continues its us cents trading above one dollar 54 cents for the first time since -- months last year. Not move is driven by jump and you'll Suisse which rises up through 122 and half for the first time in open yet. But I was today's market post election and this time every weekday the effects of what's moving the markets but I'm Jamie gave up this and brought them.

Market Pulse: The end of the affair - EU breaks up TNT - UPS

Monday, 14 Jan, 2013 - 03:26

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