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3XSQ: Retail sales surge 0.5% in December

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 - 04:04

Jan 15 - Retail sales rose more than expected in December as Americans shrugged off the threat of higher taxes and bought automobiles.

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Ahead of you. Consumer is doing their part and no fairy tale endings for The Little Mermaid later in the show. Three Times Square this Tuesday from Reuters world headquarters in New York Howard daily digit. -- 1%. Gain in retail sales in December. That's more than double the increase projected November sales were also revised higher the improvement coming across the board. Automobiles and a range of other good sales for all of 2012 rising more than 5%. Retail sales rising as our sales the latest data points coming from home builder Lennar which saw it 32% jump in new orders. It posted a profit that topped expectations on 7% rise in home prices. The CES saying the company is extra well positioned it to gain market share this year. Shares closed at 4102 mine today and are -- covering about forty X. The sales picture also looking good for burglary Nigel Stephenson joins us from London Nigel did not get a new book Burberry -- disease I'm very disappointed. Looks like it was did well for them. Some of us can't afford to good -- -- -- rebounded. Chinese demand is that ready to key to helping beverage by 9% revenue rise. Often particularly strong week in the runup to Christmas three -- revenue coming in at 613 million pound -- people costs. A six and two million. I was out in September you'll remember that but we sent shockwaves through the global luxury industry by warning of a broad based slowdown in spending particularly in China which have been the driving force of a bit in the month. Now part of the success seems to come from cross selling with stuff successfully -- persuading customers to buy more than one item. But several hours that demanded China emerging markets and the US offsetting weakness in Europe -- from. Burberry to his master's voice HM -- say it ain't so phasing them sick. Yeah -- -- is the latest British high street -- looking likely to disappear. The first door hawks history was opened by none other than Edwards -- our in 1921. Unfortunately people now go to that shot to check computer games dvds and CDs. And then of course they don't buy them -- up on the line the CEO is hoping to save as many as possible of the 239 shops and four and half thousand stuff. Don't let this plenty of brand recognition the model is unfortunately I don't think it makes. OK I don't think that much. From chimney to this sound of remote controls and our power player of the day it's Oprah Winfrey. -- no -- have viewers everywhere around saying now where in the heck is -- Her big connect with Lance Armstrong in which he reportedly copped to using performance enhancing drugs. If -- put island on the map and perhaps in the future in more homes. Or to better slot in -- channel line up. The discovery on network has struggled to find an audience and it's two years reports estimate. Armstrong can bring in three and a half million viewers are -- what -- talk -- but -- They'll take it. And finally The Little Mermaid will stay well fairly little. Walt Disney canceled plans for a 3-D version of its 1989. And -- hit at this -- three new releases of monsters ink. And the Beauty and the Beast this film with the last of releases -- did you plan to convert. After the Lion King generate ticket sales of 94 million stateside when eleven. Monsters ink which is the most recent film hundreds of treaty had sales of only. Thirty point six million according to the site. Car that is the latest -- three times where it is Tuesday you can follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider techtag YouTube channel dot com slash writers TV. I'm Lisa Bernhard this is --

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3XSQ: Retail sales surge 0.5% in December

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 - 04:04

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