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Europe Day Ahead: Bet your shirt on ECB easing in 2013: Citi

Tuesday, 15 Jan, 2013 - 02:01

Jan. 15 - Favourable inflation data plus weak growth is likely to persuade the ECB to resume easing in 2013, says Citigroup's Maya Bhandari.

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This is -- look ahead to Wednesday's key political and financial events the first snapshots of the trading day here in Europe. Investors take pride to comments by President Obama the racist aspect haven't economic recovery back today by political battles on the debt ceiling. As fears intensified by larger than expected contraction in the German Economy. Growth shrank by no point 5% in Q4 thanks to a slide and exports economists say 2013 growth may struggle to -- half of 1%. Other Swiss franc hit a fresh thirteen month low against the Euro the -- troll its way back to register mining gains as some investors began to take profits. Well coming up on Wednesday eurozone inflation de -- expect to see continued softening in the CPI number. Allowing a little more leeway to the ECB to resume easing in 2013. Says that's my -- -- of Citigroup. Said he expects. That eurozone as a whole to stay in recession really until 2014. So I think easy money you know both from the ECB. And indeed from the Fed -- assays for some time. Another day another test of -- for eurozone bond investors. Germany auctions five billion euros of ten -- bonds a -- expected to benefit from a recent rise in yields. An auction of new five year German bonds last week so healthy to moment. The German retailer metro gives it trading update is expected to say it's retail electronics arm metro -- We'll quit China because of cutthroat competition from online play as. The companies also been hit by weak trading here in Europe. And as a major focused on earnings from both the US and UK this week. Top US blue chips Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan report. With fifty cent to follow on Thursday things may be looking at big project FactSet says the financial sector should post earnings growth of around eight point 7%. Laptop look ahead to Wednesday I'm Nigel Stephenson this is what is.

Europe Day Ahead: Bet your shirt on ECB easing in 2013: Citi

Tuesday, 15 Jan, 2013 - 02:01

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