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Market Pulse: Platinum: better than gold, my precious!

Tuesday, 15 Jan, 2013 - 03:48

Jan 15 - The price of platinum surges past gold for the first time in almost a year on as South African mining troubles re-surface. Plus Burberry swaggers and euro/Swiss FX volatility rockets.

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-- -- -- -- there's not gold sometimes platinum the next -- rising above gold today for the first time since March last year. I'm the one of the world's most iconic fashion brands has a big huge swipe up. But let's start with platinum which is up over 2% so -- -- because I'm plots the world's largest to do so as to multiple tours of its mines and acts 141000. Jobs this we'll see OPEC cut by half fifth. I'm John Knight on the -- confront but by Daniel Leeson and he's a commodities analyst Commerzbank. Don no I am platinum texting 17100 dollars and items today how much does this go to eagle on not site in the near -- Well from a technical point of -- couldn't go up either lead to a maybe you want sold 700 and some sixty -- put oil and from my fundamental point of -- we think it can go home you can -- old so humble recent prize move but Danone gained. Around 10% from the beginning of the year a -- also -- excessive. That would provoke some among profit taking and some press setbacks in the event -- future. Of course if we have more unrest like we dance act in South Africa back in August when they know they did they try to -- banks that sell fifteen miners killed we've got to show up to launch pops -- closer to 2000. Maybe not 2000 world but we quite optimistic -- -- focus here and promote these things but you know prices can go up. -- above 1900. Okay what. What kind of buying activity are we seeing as a -- being driven by speculates -- to think. Yes at least some -- -- -- yet and makes these disease statistics so to be accomplished on a Friday evening. The it would not be surprised them to seize -- large amount of speculative financial investors have stepped into the market. And and talks. It's a good run to its gym also recently no surprise that post that's the process idea. OK I just to finish up we just that hot shot of the platinum gold spread plots them on trading above gold and -- the first time in almost a year. Which of the two -- would you be up by it all right. But I -- I go to sleep at that Obama because very optimistic come for the economic prospects of this -- and as well put to them as primarily use an industry. It's a benefit to them from a recovery of the global economy in more than gold. And given who looked like -- and some of the other all seeing amendment which appropriate more severe than the old think. That and it should be though about the -- to -- Okay Daniel thank you very much. But nobody is back in fashion at least in the eyes of investors that looks to -- retailer beat forecasts with a 9% rise and thought what's -- underlying revenues. Pass off -- a profit warning in September on the Hudson shares tumbling the shares today at last thought more than 40%. Finally our shot of the day it's from the world of FX you'll -- well almost. This is futile Swiss implied volatility -- cable starting from the bay naval base but it has tripled and only a matter of days. Speculators and hedge funds are all unwinding the -- the unit would fall below the Swiss national banks won twenty flow. The suns -- -- 124. To its highest and -- catching many of them off God's forcing them to buy protection in the options market. That was today's market pulse but in an this time giving me -- the effects of moving markets and why I'm -- -- -- -- disability.

Market Pulse: Platinum: better than gold, my precious!

Tuesday, 15 Jan, 2013 - 03:48

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