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Delayed aid approved for Sandy victims

Wednesday, 16 Jan, 2013 - 01:17

Jan. 16 - The House of Representatives approves $50.5 billion in federal disaster aid to victims of Superstorm Sandy, as residents vent their frustration at the delay. Sarah Charlton reports.

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For this area of Staten Island, not much has changed since superstorm Sandy battered the northeast last year. Federal aid has been tied up amid political budget brawling - which has left many storm victims wondering when help will arrive. Now, over 50 billion dollars in disaster aid has been approved by the House of Representatives. But some residents here are infuriated by the long delay. SOUNDBITE: SALVATORE PAPPALARDO, STATEN ISLAND RESIDENT, SAYING (English): "Everybody's a human being and since they're representing us, they have to represent us the right way. Stop being a Democratic or Republican, just get together and work this damn thing out." SOUNDBITE: SAM CALCATERRA, STATEN ISLAND RESIDENT, SAYING (English): "They should get off their butts and get the job done, you know. We voted them in for things like this and we pay for this, so I think they should get off their butts and do their job and get the people back in their houses and get the businesses back where they are." The federal aid package is approved in two parts - with 17 billion covering immediate disaster relief and a further 33 billion for longer-term reconstruction. It now moves to the Senate where it's expected to be quickly approved.

Delayed aid approved for Sandy victims

Wednesday, 16 Jan, 2013 - 01:17

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