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World Future Energy Summit: Rejecting Renewables?

Friday, 18 Jan, 2013 - 01:37

Jan. 18 - From divided opinions over renewables to powering food and water supplies, Angeline Ong rounds up the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi.

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-- I needed and it happened at Abu Dhabi wealth future energy summit. Taking a conference French president council on cold. Shouldn't I mean noodles just up in wealth. Catastrophe. This is not a sustainable parts to we style that we will not be able to limit the temperature increase to two degrees by the end of the century. Some money sloshing around in the gulf but at this summit we've been hearing loss of cool ocean surrounding investments in renewables. Think the mood is very very pragmatic. Monies -- -- to flow back into -- But did these have to be shown to make many. Likely to move to -- and get them and they hope many deals are being done. The population in the Middle East will only -- at one of the big -- at this conferences how to create -- drinking wasn't food and energy and sustainable way. On the waterfront there will be and desalination plant with a capacity of 3.5 -- contagious. That long that will be power but even knew magic plan to. With a capacity of won't went into the woods. Once we have the water that comes through the process of sort of dissemination. That most of them will be transported to -- of about 1400 times. So we're looking at the wistful for other. If we can have. 300. Thousand people who prefer that they. To be run by -- renewable energy and it was.

World Future Energy Summit: Rejecting Renewables?

Friday, 18 Jan, 2013 - 01:37

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