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Europe Day Ahead: Better data likely - don't bet on recovery

Monday, 21 Jan, 2013 - 03:13

Jan. 21 - A look to the close of the European markets and a look ahead to the next day's trading, as well as what to expect from the Asian markets overnight.

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This -- -- look ahead to Tuesday's key political and financial events expressed a quick look at some of the action on the markets here in Europe that receive inching towards -- highs after some encouraging signs -- debt ceiling extension may the eighteenth in the US. You missiles impacting bond markets German bond yields rising because of talk of this -- fifty basis points range. Stunning harvest nearly ten month low against the Euro and looks vulnerable to -- -- losses as worries about the UK Connie. Group ahead of fourth quarter growth data later in the week. Looking to Tuesday as the -- meeting of the year but Europe's finance ministers. I didn't take the chance as rotating presidents on the council -- UK plans to use the meeting to insist the city of London. Be protected from the planned tax on financial transactions. Indexes also find out just how much the Bank of Japan has succumbed to political pressure and makes its policy decision on cheese -- Prime minute sessions a hobby has called for unlimited monetary easing to help weaken the yen and tackle deflation. The BOJ is expected to respond by expanding its asset purchase program by ten fitting end. That's around 111. Billion dollars. No one of them is what any cases in Johnny says that he -- he said may is likely to show an improving mood among the country's business ages. With the asset -- -- -- -- out later in the week analysts say the numbers should let some of the mean all Europe's onto its economy. But the currency's strength remains a way. You've got a very strong Euro unfortunately right now which will make things very difficult for her preferred to become competitive you need a weak Euro. And I think you -- Europe to start playing the same games as many other western central banks printing money quantitative easing things like that can boost the economy and Europe's playing things very rigidly. And assessing inflation is the biggest risk louder than the economy being the biggest risks so I don't think you'll see a sustained strength from Europe this year. Top knuckle would discuss the latest situation and money and the handling of the hostage crisis in Algeria with French president console launch. And -- and -- and also be attending celebrations marking the fiftieth anniversary of the elites say treaty on Franken -- we conciliation. Often at the end of World War II. Campaigning for the Israeli general election has ended opinion polls suggest prime minister Netanyahu is set to win although -- support -- -- He says should he be -- his first priority will be to deal with Iran's nuclear ambitions. Indexes will also be scrutinizing -- and taking minutes trading update avenues of growth from the company's managing markets and take that China. Millions in China accounted for twenty full -- -- -- FEB minute sales. Technology heavyweights -- -- IBM report quarterly earnings focus for Google investors will be much progress it has made an -- attracting advertises. To know about -- And that's -- out what to expect in the day ahead I'm Angie in coming days is voices.

Europe Day Ahead: Better data likely - don't bet on recovery

Monday, 21 Jan, 2013 - 03:13

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