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3XSQ: Challenges facing Dow Components

Tuesday, 22 Jan, 2013 - 04:28

Four members of the Dow Jones Industrial Average report results this morning, each facing its own difficulties.

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Ahead -- its outlook from industrial power houses and a different types of type of life. Later in the show. Where is this Tuesday from Reuters world headquarters in New York. Fourth and that the Dow Jones Industrial Average out with quarterly results this morning. Each facing challenges. We start with Johnson & Johnson company posted a profit that beat expectations but the forecast for 2013 and it has been well Wall Street estimates. And also took another charge related to what's recalled artificial hips. While DuPont saw its profit well more than 50%. Demand falling for titanium dioxide used to white and products. Forecast earnings between thirteen above estimates. -- shares right now. Johnson & Johnson down ethically flat to down dismayed and do. That half percent. Superstar standing having a major impact on the other Dow components out so part today. Travelers and Verizon. Travelers saying its profit was cut in half because of higher cost. Associated with losses from the storm. They would forecast higher premiums across its business. Verizon reporting nearly two billion dollar loss in this story and pension liabilities. -- also suffering from hefty costs from the sale of the iPhone and other Smartphones. Which cut into its wireless operating profit margins. Chicken shares of these -- right now are rising up about a percent and travelers up over 4%. Let's see how the Dow is -- over all basically looking at as somewhat flat market there with the best in me. In -- more evidence Germany's economic troubles will be shortly it which is a relief for the entire continent are Jamie McGee joins us from London. This -- news for us is that right Jamie. Well you say ZIC's pat Abbott talking of course about the is that EW -- as some some big. All German investor sentiment that now some people say. That does any W is -- relevant time and that's because what really not just what's really important as how the economy's doing. Which means that PMI is in the heat index out I'm much more important that we hobby for later this week. That's a survey of German business morale has also expected to take highlight says that he W today again from a fairly mobile base. So the question is how it is the German Economy really doing well but but but not great contracted by half of 1% in the fourth quarter last year. But isn't expected to -- recession which means of course that she won will be positive and only yesterday the Bundesbank the Central Bank. Said that the slump will be shot -- that the Euro zone's largest economy may already. Have time to conduct and of course a few other dates have been up. The eurozone needs a strong Germany because the doesn't have a strong Germany. The blow quite a session will be even deeper we -- OK Jamie thanks so much. I can be sure a lady in red and our power player of the day it's fashion designer Jason Wu. Who now has not -- designs anyplace in fashion history under his belt. As Michelle Obama once again like today Wu creation for Monday's inaugural ball. The First Lady appeared for her first dance of the night and it ruby colored chiffon and velvet gown. Custom made by the thirty year old New York based designer. Mrs. Obama helped make a household name back in 2009 when she -- it white chiffon gown for president Obama's first inauguration. Finally we don't know Smartphones but how about Smart furniture. With these so why it and it's true that lights up. To be unsafe spokesman Spanish research institute tech now I. Think about wireless sensors that -- wooden furniture with a touch Japan. Still in the prototype stage. They -- Smart furniture includes bed headboard kitchen cabinets and -- that light up. If nothing else this is to is a lot quieter than the clapper. And that is the latest on this Tuesday you can follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider and check out our YouTube and -- Reuters dot com. Slash. I -- card -- his.

3XSQ: Challenges facing Dow Components

Tuesday, 22 Jan, 2013 - 04:28

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