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Market Pulse: German DAX rollercoaster, Spanish bond bonanza

Tuesday, 22 Jan, 2013 - 03:57

Jan. 22 - A volatile day for German stocks, hit by banking worries then rebounding on a strong ZEW survey. And a bumper day for Spain’s new 10-year bond. Plus, 50 years of the Elysee Treaty.

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A roller coaster day German stocks on for the biggest fall in two months LA up. Before an upbeat and best of sentiment subject -- so strong rebounds. Well after soaring some 50% last year as perhaps not supply to the taxes under performing this year. It's been a pretty choppy day to day let's get straight time knights have been to go on he's monitoring -- not a bone trios and fight for. But it it -- and I am muzzle was done almost 2% on lower abdomen fresh support. Not the fighting regularly to cut costs of the lot -- to simulate a break up. But a bunch but it's only the shoulder strength and resilience of the Diamondbacks. Yes I think we shouldn't overestimate the situation -- in the backseat shouldn't forget that he had banking. Harley-Davidson. That -- stock markets yesterday so it's the first sure and it liquidity. In the market so every -- -- have been -- -- -- has -- seen that with the dark -- This morning that's for sure moves the market but just think this is on them in over our. Oh. Strong situation you know I think the market is made that the situation is this seems. So you think the vivid that is heading hot -- can you give us some some targets. And I think we have a good Tanzania that the the break. Through this and probably 800 and even he may be 8000 I think the constitution that's correct this accomplish tranda. Breakthrough this level it's this required us. Realistic. Let's talk about the buying specifically you mentioned Doug said there was this report and -- and thanks go to -- it was done quite heavily to 60%. Do you think -- go to buying kids moss sailed. -- -- I don't I don't think this -- did you find is very good to bad right now because that's the good. Good chances the prices will drop a little bit and you have another chance to go and -- lower -- about it at the end. I think the bush market he would approach is not over it. Finally -- buying the same question as opposed but the German government has a much -- influence and Commerzbank. Yes -- -- also the situation absolutely different from the Deutsche Bank yet this split up the commercial business and investment business is much more realistic and enacting good chances are also yeah good -- and I couldn't go upwards. Again and I think this eleven at around one AT and when this am I did this level it's program the chance that what they've received felt that rises. Okay thank you very much that was that the Gabon managing -- not on potatoes and find thought. On this -- fifty years ago. -- c.'s Charles de -- and Germany's -- not out of our son but at least you treat tape. Helping to reconcile the two former four is a -- eighteen years after the end of World War II. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French president punts -- Long Will attend celebrations marking this -- today and Belden. Fifty years on under Franco German axis at the corner of you don't look so strong is about. -- I -- finished up -- -- -- momentum nerve and the ten year yield today but the talk of the bond market today is Spain. Madrid -- a new benchmark ten year deal equates until yield of an on five point 40%. Study it and demand from investors for fifteen to four billion Euro deal the ought to pick topping seventeen. Billion euros. -- those other late this market -- stories today join me tomorrow at the same time when I'll be taking the pulse of the market -- I'm -- gave up as -- -- of.

Market Pulse: German DAX rollercoaster, Spanish bond bonanza

Tuesday, 22 Jan, 2013 - 03:57

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