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DAVOS 2013: Russia needs to change foreign perceptions

Wednesday, 23 Jan, 2013 - 03:35

Jan. 23 - As Russia takes the helm at the G20 Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich admits the country has an uphill struggle to improve the way it is seen in the eyes of investors.

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How important is it for Russia to shift. Our perceptions. In the international community. As you take the -- with G-20. National longstanding member of football's international foreign clean energy content distinction to pretty big if -- here. To the speech it was fun it was. Either so that's trying to from 2000 date to 20125. In perspective and occasional from the national agenda for goals is to beat him. Cordial and -- the crisis. For Russia it is important two -- addition button who. -- -- people believes that the Russians can actually moderates global affairs so yeah how -- represented that many out this way sorry to interrupt. How much of a need is that the change those perceptions. The bill is saying that Russian investment climate is -- -- perceptions. And certainly it is should be priority to change the name. That there has been some criticism about this this supply side agenda. Your your your your G-20 agenda. Bill that fails to to address some -- monde in the global economy. Are we gonna see Russia. Addressing that chronic lack of to monde. Again as you take back home and and leave the G-20 this it. Well -- and the position to that explained people Koppel combined ID month and supply at least two. -- this as Russia is in the middle. And the Milken -- and do to countries say in general how to do that actually it within a month just talk. And -- convection here. Share how best practice how to support -- even the fear. The most -- too much money you've budget constraints are mostly culture as the best efficient -- What what are we gonna see that's specifically on stimulating tomorrow and what what details of Eunice C inherit from from Russia all matter -- -- six months. Well all right he's it to be sure to put some money unlocked so liberal beliefs is still all the people who might want to get give the money from the government about -- Other sectors took an -- should get. Portion. The girl's forward like infrastructure housing construction not in particular on -- on spliced it in to compete tomorrow that -- for -- less -- bullets. -- -- -- second sinker is not to. Create a little bit swore I'd take its investments the lowest liberals think it advocating for -- and they assessed -- vision -- what investments. His investments -- additional demand for what's from the other countries. An -- of another theme you've probably had a sort about it this is currency war was a senior Russian Central Bank. Got into this debate recently. Is -- justified as part of a broader effort to kick start growth. I think it's a natural reaction to the programs that. The world has right now in the country. Strict rituals best blissfully instruments -- in currency wars have been. And you have to limit any monetary protectionism my guess is is that just is that justified that. Long it's closer look this is looked instantly -- button is not justified I think on the opposite that you wrote my social. Soften -- it's Monday to push it to allow for maybe slightly higher inflation. Credit growth doesn't. And continue to have to be tough -- There will will we -- might well we continue to him messages. As the ones we've heard -- aimed towards Japan and towards other countries like Hungary will will we continue to hit from Russia -- I'm sure is yes.

DAVOS 2013: Russia needs to change foreign perceptions

Wednesday, 23 Jan, 2013 - 03:35

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