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DAVOS 2013: Diplomacy must solve Iran nuclear issue: IAEA

Thursday, 24 Jan, 2013 - 03:54

Jan. 24 - IAEA chief Yukiya Amano says he's realistic about the prospects of persuading Iran to give up the development of nuclear weapons, but the only way is through diplomacy, not war.

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Brian ultimately have the UN condemned North Korea's December rocket launch in Pyongyang got reacted with a -- to boost its nuclear capabilities. We also -- job -- head of the UN nuclear watchdog whether he was concerned that North Korea. Will now carry out a third nuclear test. We Hamilton. There if you following let me -- -- so all on you PI explosion. This specious. But if these things happen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We are pulling. You deputies felt -- North Korea. And we have hopes -- and the construction of like what that we have to listen all we have a we have the report that enrichment activities that bungling that he's deeply felt. And also so you're saying that Barry if it's there if there's a Charles this third test goes ahead it could be one using enriched uranium. Instead of plutonium. That we don't know because some we don't how funny he's picked up on the ground -- April 2009. Felt. I know that she's a rather mean -- it now we want to send back he's picked us as quickly as possible when inspectors get back. We don't know yet it depends all on the political syndication. Okay I'm let's move on to Israel the election results. Com the results itself. A slightly and feeble Netanyahu. Does this for you increase or decrease the likelihood. Of an Israeli attack on Iran. And then objective for all of the IE eight. And some not all. I understand that every month before that too diplomatic solution in that this one but has not worked so far. I'm not get but we continued two. In this -- though with the wrong. Are you are -- do you see any reason for optimism for the February 13 meeting. I. I don't say we are optimistic. But from all everybody calm bought a quasi that the diplomatic solution is the -- fun. On some of Iran has a keen interest in solving this issue being diplomatic means so -- I hope at that. We can reach agreement us Paulson us quickly as possible and implement it to you may get -- and as quickly as possible and as peacefully as possible yes. Do you see a danger of war. I'll. Function is not to -- all my provide an industry outlook. We are concentrating. On solving this issue through diplomatic means how difficult it is negotiation with the Iranian government. That back and forth on the sudden all of all of them. We on need to come out of their assessment these are complicated and upon a negotiation. That we have discussed and all all of them all necessary elements and some we hope that and own all we can reach agreement. I'm I'm jumping around a bit I wanna move on to Syria nuclear experts say -- they believe a -- may have. Tons of of both natural uranium in secret locations. Does it. I'll let -- how often com and information from opens holes is that they helpful yeah okay. Com we have concluding in 2011. That them. Policy deal which was sudden destroy it was I mean you really. What's very likely to be you can area that we helpful also interest in other policy is continuity you date it. That come along because hopefully I didn't -- -- in Syria and the publicity Paul has not been -- Arafat the UN's nuclear watchdog.

DAVOS 2013: Diplomacy must solve Iran nuclear issue: IAEA

Thursday, 24 Jan, 2013 - 03:54

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