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Europe Week Ahead: Earnings bonanza, Spanish Q4 GDP, PMIs

Friday, 25 Jan, 2013 - 01:53

Jan. 25 - Brace for a big week of European corporate earnings, manufacturing PMI data, bond auctions plus, Q4 GDP data from recession-hit Spain.

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I'll look ahead to next week I'm bracing for a flood of corporate outings. European heavyweights funding in the report -- includes drugmaker Roche and retailer H and -- on Wednesday. On Thursday to get numbers from the world's tops but his maker Diageo oil giant shell French luxury goods company LB -- -- PTB to B sky B and pharma group AstraZeneca. From the banking industry go to bank and sons on -- release fourth quarter numbers. And tried to post results the chairman of Spain's biggest bank told a financial magazine that he expects profit to the company -- Then on fighting something -- rival BB -- Billy sees earnings along with telecoms giant BT on the world's second biggest maker of home appliances alleged looks. I was and things are rolling and we spoke to HSBC global asset management's Phillip -- and asked him if he thought that shift back into riskier assets like stocks. We'll continue throughout 25 team. Belief is still be a rotation out of phones into equities in the course of the year. And then we prefer the cyclical sectors to the defense's. Plenty to digest on the economic front as well we kickoff the week with the latest reading on and -- money supply growth in the eurozone. Then we'll have consumer confidence numbers from both Germany and fronts. A flooding of euros on indicators on Wednesday plus fourth quarter GDP from recession -- and -- me and the week with more data from the UK. Believe John -- a few -- points habits and avoiding a triple dip recession. And unemployment numbers from Germany and the eurozone. And the bond markets Italy sales -- -- on Wednesday demand for the bonds will be closely watched after a barnstorming start to the year for peripheral eurozone debt. Plus from Germany expects a two billion you know fifty yard sale. That's a look ahead to next week I'm Jamie we gave up the support of.

Europe Week Ahead: Earnings bonanza, Spanish Q4 GDP, PMIs

Friday, 25 Jan, 2013 - 01:53

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