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Techquity: Smartphone woes, more praise for Amazon

Friday, January 25, 2013 - 03:48

Jan. 25 - Smartphone issues hit Samsung after hurting Apple, plus analysts raise price targets on Amazon.

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Next part of the problem not an -- problem. -- the cracks that arrivals and -- -- from Amazon first up the slowing Smartphone market. Samsung reported a record profit -- it sold 700000. Galaxies and others -- from each day during the last quarter. But the cream powerhouse plans to keep its capital expenditures at 2012 levels. As demand for computer chips and Smartphone slows. Something apple knows all too well here's the issue. Smartphone shipments jumped to 700000000 and 2012 from 49000002011. According to strategy analytics. Healthy 40% gain but the mobile phone market overall grew less than 2%. That means Samsung apple and others will have to fight each other for new customers. And that means price whereas here we come which means lower margins and lower profits for everyone. Apple falling again today down 2%. Its market cap they'll -- ExxonMobil one point became the second most valuable company for the first time since the past -- on a year ago. Since -- close down 2%. A -- -- firms may have to step up competition based attorney doing so. Getting territorial denying access to search -- social networks trying to gain entry to its service. Russian and an -- company yandex had Friday its new experimental application search social networking sites from mobile devices was blocked by FaceBook. -- this week reportedly cut off twitters nude photo app buying from find friends which is Facebook's interface which lets you connect to FaceBook friends and other apps. Case that wasn't available for comment. Here's a 1%. And Pittsburgh reports assault on Wednesday. Amazon reports results on Tuesday more brokerages are raising their price target on the stock ahead of it. Steeple Nicholas sees solid trends in the core e-commerce business in the fourth quarter and thinks revenue and operating margin to beat estimates. It's boosting its price target from 255. To 335 dollars. Canaccord commuting meanwhile seem to Amazon posting a solid fourth quarter overall. But it's lowering its -- thirteen estimate amid concerns about margins and raising its 2014 estimates when it sees margins rebounding. It's lifting its price target from 23290. Amazon shares up another 2% acuity. The best there resting Microsoft which reported record revenue. Everything's already Redmond right. Well not so fast PC sales are falling at about 10% annual rate and makes -- fortunes are still tied up -- PCs. The company meanwhile wouldn't talk about new surface tablet that's probably for good reason he ever seen anyone using a surface. And earnings per share -- 3% compared to last year. What's up and revenue. Sure it's still growing slightly but that's housing surprisingly little Microsoft moves -- your round in -- something today but it doesn't recognize it on the books immediately. This is perfectly legal but it does make it hard to figure out how well new products are dealing. Moreover the company -- of sixty million licenses for windows eight. The manufacturers by these licenses in bulk it's unclear how many customers are actually upgrading to the new operating system. In short can take several quarters to hear how well my windows eight is doing based on the numbers. I guess it's a dark. Shares of Microsoft about 1%. Soaring and sputtering time a look at the movers first soaring -- Cirrus Logic the maker of audio pictures and iPhone and other devices post a profit that beat estimates. It's that scored design win with a tier one mobile handset maker shares up 11%. And sputtering Scansource the small cap distributors specialty technology products issued a profit warning shares down 14%. That's equity this Friday from everything policy on quarter art here it's technique. I'm rob spirit and describes.

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Techquity: Smartphone woes, more praise for Amazon

Friday, January 25, 2013 - 03:48

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