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Dead prison rioters identified

Sunday, 27 Jan, 2013 - 00:51

Jan 27 - Authorities begin to release the bodies of prison inmates killed in a riot in Venezuela, but a definitive number of those who died is yet to be released. Sarah Charlton reports.

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Families of inmates who died in a Venezuelan prison riot have begun receiving the victims' remains. A heavy police presence cordoned off the morgue on Saturday (January 26), where a number of victims have been identified. Local reports say dozens died in Friday's (January 25) riot, although an official death toll is yet to be released. A makeshift list of victims was posted outside the morgue. Families are demanding an investigation into the incident and have urged officials to release a definitive number of dead. The riot broke out after news of an inspection to confiscate weapons. Critics say Venezuela is plagued with overcrowded prisons which are often controlled by armed gangs.

Dead prison rioters identified

Sunday, 27 Jan, 2013 - 00:51

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