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Newtown families join gun control march

Sunday, 27 Jan, 2013 - 01:33

Jan. 26 - Residents of the Connecticut town where a shooter killed 20 elementary school students last month join a march in Washington D.C. to support gun control. Lindsey Parietti reports.

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In the wake of several recent public shootings, gun control proponents march in Washington DC. Among them, residents of Newtown, Connecticut, where a shooter killed 26 people, mostly children, at an elementary school last month. (SOUNDBITE) (English) NEWTOWN, CONNECTICUT RESIDENT LAURI WRIGHT, SAYING: "I've watched the news on other tragedies and shame on me for just sitting there and being upset and not deciding it was time to change. I've always said, 'oh it's so horrible they weren't able to get to that individual and help them before that seemed like that was the answer to their pain to go out and tear apart a community and now it happened in my backyard - (tears up) it's time. It has to change." The group One Million Moms for Gun Control co-sponsored about a dozen marches across the country Saturday. Last week, gun rights supporters also organized rallies against firearms control measures proposed in response to the Connecticut tragedy. One mother was grateful her son survived the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting and challenged gun owners to help prevent a repeat of such violence. (SOUNDBITE) (English) MOTHER OF SANDY HOOK STUDENT, ERIN NIKITCHYUK SAYING: "I would challenge every gun owner and pro-gun person in this country to stand with me against gun violence. This is not about taking away your guns. This is not about taking away the second amendment. I am a firm believer in the second amendment." President Barack Obama wants to revive a ban on military-style assault weapons and put mandatory background checks in place for all gun buyers. But any steps to tighten gun control often face opposition in the US from 2nd amendment supporters.

Newtown families join gun control march

Sunday, 27 Jan, 2013 - 01:33

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