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Techquity: Apple sliced, Facebook liked

Monday, 28 Jan, 2013 - 02:35

Jan 28 - Apple suffers another ratings cut, while Facebook rises as it receives an upgrade.

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First up tonight. Slicing apple -- reduced its rating last week and today it's -- stern. The brokerage believes that consensus expectations for the company are too high especially for the quarter that is ending in June. Concerns include slowing innovation and increasing competition and the potential decline of the average price point on the iPhone. There is cutting apple to neutral and shares are up about 2% your 450 dollars. That's about pretty close to where Bayer's price target has fallen from 570. Dollars now to 460. But. One person who does not appear fazed by Apple's stock decline -- CEO Tim Cook. He reportedly congratulated employees and a record quarter during a town hall meeting on Friday. According to several publications cook also expressed satisfaction of the strength of the company's innovation as it. FaceBook shares and the sentiment and analysts are heading in the opposite direction. The social network is getting a big upgrade for Raymond James the brokerages increasing its Q4 estimates on higher ad revenue expectations. Checks without advertising partners indicate that there are strong demand for mobile advertising as well as for -- and Facebook's news feet. So it is taking now its rating. From market perform to outperform Raymond James also institute a new price target at 38 dollars which is where the stock went public in May. Shares are up about 2% and the 32 dollar range and FaceBook will -- quarterly results on Wednesday. In our best of the rest now we've got Research in Motion the company is announcing partners for its Blackberry ten storefront ahead of the devices debut also coming up Wednesday. Sony Pictures Walt Disney studios and universal music are among those whose content will be available. Through the Blackberry world store initially content will only be available to subscribers in the US UK and Canada. -- having a good day shares are down more than 5% one analyst telling Reuters that -- shareholders are probably selling and taking a profit ahead of the phone's launch. -- goes out with soaring and sputtering our look at movers first -- is you can do. Deutsche Bank is starting coverage of the Chinese Internet TV company with a buy rating and shares are up. 5% sputtering is 3-D systems for 3-D printing company is down more than 10%. Today seeking alpha column called shares overvalued after the stock tripled over the past year. That's to protect what do this Monday remembered you can follow us on Twitter at RT artists equity. I'm dumber and around this horse.

Techquity: Apple sliced, Facebook liked

Monday, 28 Jan, 2013 - 02:35

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