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Europe Day Ahead: Les miserables less miserable

Tuesday, 29 Jan, 2013 - 02:30

Jan. 29 - Euro zone sentiment indexes are forecast to head in the right direction tomorrow while still remaining at low levels. Earnings from H&M and Fiat may both show how far the recovery has to run.

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This is a look ahead to Wednesday's key political and financial events European stock markets may be on a -- run this year but when will the economy start to recover. Plenty of clues tomorrow when you get the -- rough to viewed as a in sentiment -- business industrial services economic. And consumer. On number -- heading higher -- consumer sentiment likely to mean deep in negative territory. A reading of minus 23 point nine is a forecast from January up from minus 26 point five the month before. More heavyweight coming support to digest some little too. The world's number two clothing retailer H&M is seen posting a Q4 increase in pretax profit of only not point 4%. Strip bright new stores though and the picture is even less encouraging and earlier this month H and and post a third straight month of falling sales at stores open more than a year. Fiat and things also -- with the loss of 700 million euros the forecast for the full year. Some cautious optimism around the company all the sales at its Chrysler unit building. Analysts wanting to see if chief executive Sergio Marchionne sticks to his pledge to make even bullets that and 2016. The shares up close to 70%. From the 2011 Los. In other news European Commission monetary affairs chief all the Iran speaks to the European Parliament. The latest on helping island imports go back into that market is likely to be on the agenda -- to the Euro. Bank says the single currency isn't overvalued yet. But with the -- up 3% best is the dollar this year there's growing concern about impact on Europe's exporters. And what's good for the sale of medium to long -- bonds and Italy analyst -- and a strong option off the six month borrowing cost hit a -- a little today's sale. Any -- nick Parsons said there's no clear evidence of a shift in the it's on personal -- If we are going to sit back away from austerity which I think is likely. If they EMI if the ECB stands ready as he does to activate his ONT program if honest. Then I think investors have got much less to fear. And peripheral view of -- they might have previously. Seems to us that the vast majority of austerity. Will now be spoken about in the past tense rather than being a threat for the future. That's it the most amount of join us every day at this time for a look at heads out the story sentiment in markets continue to give them. This is --

Europe Day Ahead: Les miserables less miserable

Tuesday, 29 Jan, 2013 - 02:30

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