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3XSQ: Disney beats estimates, sees stronger quarters ahead

Wednesday, 06 Feb, 2013 - 03:18

Feb 6 - Walt Disney beat estimates in quarterly adjusted earnings on Tuesday and said it expects the next few quarters to be better on a stronger lineup of films and growing attendance at its theme parks.

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Welcome to three times where this when -- -- Reuters world headquarters in New York. No port -- here as we focus on cable TV. Higher rights fees for sports programming for ESPN a drag on Disney. But the forces still with the Dow component. As a posted a profit that topped estimates and issued a strong forecast. Media giant planning on -- move easily to its recently acquired Star Wars franchise. It's also experiencing growing attendance at its theme parks. At Time Warner Cable up profit driver especially HBO -- subscription revenue rose partly due to gains in subscribers. Revenue at the movie unit fell 4%. The company is returning cash to shareholders the board raise its dividend by 11%. -- authorize a four billion dollar share buyback program that started earlier this year. Our power player today. Adding to his cable access its liberty media's John Malone the company finalized in nearly sixteen billion dollar deal to buy Virgin Media. It's balloons biggest drugs ever in Europe and puts him in direct competition with Rupert Murdoch. Who controls Britain's B -- B. Virgin Media has only half the UK cable subscribers as these guys be but it's four point nine million customers just had -- European total war he is already. The cable king. From cable TV Internet. The NASDAQ is reportedly trying to resolve some of the complaints -- -- handling of them watched FaceBook IPO Wall Street Journal says it's in talks with the SEC about selling part of the matter for. Five million dollar penalty. NASDAQ authority offered compensation plan at 62 million for firms -- in the debut but the proposition received mixed reviews. With UBS Citigroup and other parties speaking out against it. Dogs will soon have one less thing to forecast on weekends. The US Postal Service plan -- it and mail delivery on Saturday beginning August but pulled the service drastically needs to cut costs and stem losses. It reported a record annual loss last year as more Americans turn to an email to send messages. But the agency will keep delivering packages with the growing profitable business that a congressional source. Expectations for some art maybe getting out of hand. Pablo Picasso's portrait of his mistress sold for 45 million dollars at a Sotheby's auction prices. -- and or have soared in recent years despite economic uncertainty. As rich Chinese Russians but these collectors. Locked options raise -- panels are helpless prices -- The winning bid for the -- hostile woman sitting your window was actually on the lower and that -- If you hadn't expected that between 3955. Million dollars. Remember it was just two years ago that Picasso all the pain figured 1932. That a new world record for artwork. Whopping 106 and a half million dollars for nude green leaves and making the -- That. That's the latest from three times where this one state you can follow us on Twitter Reuters Insider to get more Reuters videos -- what is dot com slash Reuters TV. I'm Fred Katayama this.

3XSQ: Disney beats estimates, sees stronger quarters ahead

Wednesday, 06 Feb, 2013 - 03:18

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