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Breakingviews: Elan's possible side effects

Wednesday, 06 Feb, 2013 - 03:02

Feb 6 - Antony Currie and Robert Cyran discuss how the tidy profit the company will reap from selling most of its stake in a top-selling drug to Biogen could make investors sick.

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Have a bit of a new take on emanate in the -- takes place today. Milan is the selling -- since taken its multiple sclerosis drug 4325. Billion to its upon -- by Jenna. The -- you've come this space that we don't have much time myself out how to do in this kind of thing. What's this dual file what happened is a case Solana has to -- you present the struck and their partner. Who also sold drugs. -- with a partner is in charge of selling in most places -- to partners introducing a new drug until market and they have several other competing drugs. You have to wonder if Caroline you know if if basically in this drug -- them all of their sales based in prematurely 999% yourself. If to when you fear them okay if -- Biogen are you get silly dragging it a 100% mistaken or utilitarian 50% of profits and say you sent by -- has several of multiple sclerosis type jobs that could think it's only what what's incentive for them to the other benefit you sense take something lineup. Just keep -- one on its profitable -- makes a lot of profit they -- control it bomb and also announced earnings per share the got a lot of cash sitting overseas especially in Europe. What they can do is they can use that cash instead of sitting in front of 1% you can buy chunk of an asset which is growing very very rightly so it makes sense of a sudden that they got the drugs I think they've they could sell. Yet they -- sell a couple of -- and the more importantly they're sitting at a drug which -- had phenomenal results in clinical trials -- and the danger for -- line is that OK maybe maybe prior to the ground until this -- preference in the characters thought someone I'll just set itself -- -- -- hold them well that's potentially Biotech companies gave me you know they spend you know decade -- so developing accountants and usually when -- -- they don't -- -- sell their babies have been available company went -- is doing this they're reducing its -- if it's not -- entirely they're gonna get. It's about 12% going to 18% perhaps more the drug and that's the rules is that has created a -- world exactly and create 3.2 five billion cash upfront. It's -- with the media like cash and that's the that's an issue city's system which is basically a one trip on any given Wednesday. Gets lots of money and has called guaranteed well cynics thing guaranteed revenue for the next few years and Atlantis sits there would nothing else to -- if it is cash guy and I'm dangerous get a Buick we're -- Disneyland you know drug despise like the -- -- left and right -- and investors obviously fear that the stock's down about. 89% tournament. They have to -- to give some money back to shelves but they say it's great how much they said and they haven't they haven't been at all how much. Again investors seem to fear that you know -- -- they're gonna -- the mining acquisitions and a just and they -- -- -- only producing one -- -- one when I receive my hair done well it does promise that. There are lots of big pharma companies with tons and tons of cash -- as well on big big Varitek took tons of cash well. So they're not you know 3.5 billion I mean I just got you know and multiples multiple heart -- and that'll the other companies so what advantage they have probably not at all now. Okay well wrote thanks very much about the movie about it will breaking these -- --

Breakingviews: Elan's possible side effects

Wednesday, 06 Feb, 2013 - 03:02

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