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Europe Day Ahead: EU summit day 2 – a deal is seen but when?

Thursday, 07 Feb, 2013 - 01:59

Feb. 7 - EU leaders are expected to reach a budget deal but no one knows when. German data on Friday is expected to show Europe’s growth engine is recovering. MAN may say Q4 operating profit fell.

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-- a look ahead to Friday's key political and financial events they sue the EU summit signs -- that a budget deal may be reached but no one knows -- and talks over the 2014 to 20/20 budget. The EU's fiscally conservative. Northern countries against those in the south and east. Who won more money for infrastructure and agriculture. Simon Derrick from BM wind Mellon says the key plans. Have a reason to reach a compromise. So I think that mystic comrade and often denies it's a referendum. As gossip I need to build some bridges towards Europe -- secretly given it's recent it's. Exposure it's what's happening in sub Sahara and Africa. I think that it is looking to build bridges and -- on Sunday draw the law. Amenable to negotiations. Germany we oversee how the elections coming up so again they don't want to -- to this kind of robbed by it's a much. So I think that it will be like Kate but I think that some kind of compromise will be reached on spending. We may get further evidence Europe's traditional growth engine is on the -- just a few days off to post of numbers from Germany's private sector. Days -- Friday may show a rise in exports and imports in December. Plus the seasonally adjusted trade -- may have widened to fourteen point eight billion euros compared to fourteen point six billion a month early yeah. And we had a busy week on the European cold front -- things from man. The company's rivals including Volvo and -- a majority owned by folks are gonna have both reported negative Q4 earnings. So it's no surprise that analysts polled by Reuters expect commuting base truck makers say its quarterly operating profit fell 35%. -- -- -- -- to Friday the latest on the global financial markets be sure to tune -- to Reuters today that's at 8 G every morning weekdays. -- actual problems is process.

Europe Day Ahead: EU summit day 2 – a deal is seen but when?

Thursday, 07 Feb, 2013 - 01:59

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