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MC10: Turning microchips into ‘Second-skin'

Thursday, 07 Feb, 2013 - 03:12

Feb. 7 - Davos is a hotpot for new and innovative tech companies, including MC10 who’ve devised a microchip that moulds to the body like a second skin. Nigel Hilditch meets CEO, David Icke.

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Tech of course -- FEMA doubles but it's not a lot of crowd would Google's and Facebook's survive as well our report an idol Nigel Nigel -- -- Is in the conference and this will be some of -- more plants. So today I'm here in the conference censor it doubles as well as the old guard the spots and exciting -- companies here. Particularly in the attacks via -- -- the boss of one of those joins me now data keys that seat exacted -- and C ten. Dave thanks for joining us but here let's kick it up by the people who don't know the company so it was a little bit about what you do. -- OMC ten is down. Working on commercializing technology that takes computer chips out of rigid -- packages. And it's that allows them to be soft and informal and human bodies that they can stretch and twist and move. With the body for a biometric monitoring on the skin. Or even for going inside the body on minimally invasive or implantable medical devices and you've -- an example. Yeah this this is something we call the -- -- so it's a very thin. Sensing sticker if you -- can measure depending on where you put it put on your chest you can measure heart rate pretty -- Can put on your forehead and measure signals from the brain. You can look at muscle activation and temperature motion and -- got some wireless communication capability to upload that to a Smartphone. And I get a -- -- panel would London map Boris Johnson about active lifestyles. Can you tell us what's that -- to sneak preview about what you gonna be talking about them. Sure some of the same themes right in order for people to be healthy and well they need to be active and today there are a lot of ups you know as. Cities have developed as suburbs developed and we drive from point a to point B. There's just a lot less activity in the course of a normal day one way to help address that you can't improve what you can't measure so if you can instead. Have. Body measurement that happens in and not an innocuous way you can and start to measure and track things and work on improving. So when you get on one of Boris spikes in London we can get one of these little stickers on as -- that's the idea I mean that the ideas that found in order to have behavior changing needs. Continue as an immediate feedback. And it's it's difficult you know if you just step on the scale once a week or once a month. To be thinking about how active yards out to about cheered your daily life. At some of the other things you hit to talk about is how concealer media companies reached that customers. What was the solutions that. Yet -- we've seen some large consumer brands interested. In moving it beyond just having. Dialogue with the consumer but -- instead trying to really understands. You know what the consumers doing how they're using the product how the product is performing -- on their skin in the case of cosmetics company. How the environment affects different types of -- her body types. You know how active they are and you know for a particular type of consumer they can better target a specific product or service. I've had a good week -- Nokia and seats and thank you very much it's time things from a very busy companies cents -- back to you in the studio -- of.

MC10: Turning microchips into ‘Second-skin'

Thursday, 07 Feb, 2013 - 03:12

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