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U.S. Morning Call: Sprint Nextel posts higher Q4 revenue

Thursday, 07 Feb, 2013 - 03:27

Feb 7 - Sprint Nextel posted higher fourth-quarter revenue, but lost subscribers.

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Morning call for Thursday it's another busy day for earnings. -- posting fourth quarter revenue but losing subscribers as it says goodbye to older Nextel network. Comparing the results with rivals Verizon and AT&T looks like sprint has a lot of catching up to do I on sales and subscriber growth. But when it everyday sprint the big winner last quarter investors wanted to know more about -- twenty billion dollar deal with Japan's Softbank. The merger is being reviewed by the DOJ FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. Sprint also I Clearwire and that was DISH Network so look for more details on that three way saga. New York Times CEO Mark Thompson makes his debut on the company's earnings call today. The company has been hit hard by a decline not really in print ads the digital as well. A trend that is expected to continue. An important after the Al linked in the winner so far from all the social media IPOs if you're judging success by stock price. Shares have risen sharply over the past year and investors will be looking for guidance on how much more revenue the company can squeeze. Out of its paid recruiters service. And you are looking at a chart of companies that reported yesterday and this morning stocks are moving in the premarket as a result so we'll keep an -- and then throughout the day. You may want to keep your eye on the skies to the Wall Street Journal reporting now Boeing is working on battery design changes. That would minimize. Risks and it's 177. Dreamliner. Aircraft maker could have the jet back in the -- is march. But -- aviation officials are allowing for 1787. Light today starting in Dallas Fort Worth and landing Everett Washington. Japan airlines this week predicted the 787 grounding would cost nearly eight million in lost earnings through march. Boeing shares have climbed so far this month in the premarket are up slightly. Some stocks to watch today the first part of a Reuters exclusive. State imports has hired top defense attorney John kept her. For the civil lawsuit brought by the US government is Sampras is Kobe's lawyers clients have ranged from Lance Armstrong to Enron Andrew Fastow. -- part of the recommendation Floyd Abrams who was also represented S and -- in the lawsuit. Shares -- parent company McGraw-Hill not objecting their up slightly in the premarket. Apple's main manufacturer hot -- saying it's January sales dropped over 8% from a year earlier. Shares of apple have recovered somewhat this week after a big -- last month there's slightly lower in the premarket. Finally Herbalife disclosing more info about how much -- US distributors are hoping to convince critics the company is legit. But it's unlikely to silence main critic bill Blackman who -- Herbalife distributors make ten times as much from recruitment. As it -- from selling products. Taking a look at the stock it's climbing slightly in the premarket. Wrapping up with a look at US stock futures their higher ahead of the open. Investors awaiting the weekly jobless claims report the level of new claims expected to show employers are hiring at a modest pace. That's a Thursday morning call remembered a follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider and get more Reuters videos at Reuters dot com slash latest TV. I'm Lisa Bernhard. Is right.

U.S. Morning Call: Sprint Nextel posts higher Q4 revenue

Thursday, 07 Feb, 2013 - 03:27

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