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Reuters Today: Leaders close-in on EU budget deal after all-nighter

Friday, 08 Feb, 2013 - 03:58

Feb. 8 - EU leaders bleary-eyed this morning after thrashing out the bloc’s long-term budget into the early hours & China trade surge points to recovery.

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Apple told the stopping stingy old call popping course. A crisis what crisis it's been signs the world's top two exporters on the face of it at least. The first -- smiles off that EU leaders pulled an all night sacked 70000. Negotiations. They've now agreed on a broad framework for the -- long term budgets. I'll defaults thoughts on divisions track talks on into the early -- is the deal would fix totally you spending and 960 billion euros over the next seven years. Trade -- out from global export -- Germany and China out today let's start would Germany the traits -- present 2012 jumped to 188. Billion euros. That is the second largest separate since records began past sixty years ago the biggest for December not quite so rosy a decent enough increase in the -- press. But export growth was far slower than expected and imports -- down. Added China 25%. Surge in exports last month -- hot far higher than expected. These were 29 point two billion dollars up its imports also says pointing to rising domestic demand as well let's get to John Gordon in Hong Kong for more on -- First -- -- through the yeah economic recovery still on track in China. Looks like that is the case axle very bullish -- as you said that up point 5%. And it looks like as we head into the the first -- for a second quarter here. There were definitely on track for that recovery. You know we talk to look out rebalancing this economy in favor of domestic demand are we seeing more evidence about -- Everybody wants to see that and definitely this import number was also very bullish and that's a good sign bigger number that we're right in the middle of the -- were heading into the yet Chinese New Year holiday and that has a huge distortion effect. On the figures we got five extra days of we're going into this number and the next several won't be. Will be diminished by the same amount so it's hard to say how much we're getting there we did see -- a big pick up in US imports as long as imports from the -- and now blocked there. And if -- is a positive sign but going forward. We still need to see a clear picture to really -- an idea what's going on. That's at least a stimulus going -- So I can hear Axel there's less need for stimulus. It's going forward in China. I'm sorry the connection is is is I'm just unable to hear you all right don't believe that John Gordon nine Hong Kong. Right more reliable -- expected to come by the middle of the US sources telling -- it's is that both the US and Britain -- set to Levy more fines broke our right cap. And sixty JPMorgan. Chase and Deutsche and names being thrown around according to the sources three banks have of course that -- fine. RB yes UBS. And are pleased. Apple being sued to get its deploy its 137. Billion dollar cash pile more effectively and request 35% drop in share prices since last September. US state go to David on Warner's accused the tech giant of a depression era mentality warning. A hangover from its nit fate in the nineties he's calling for an initial fifty billion dollar dividend for an Estes. Barry gets the go ahead to restart test flights of its -- dreamliner following earlier approval of a one time fright from Texas to Washington. But calls for further investigations of how the faulty factories got approved in the first place. -- deliveries of Boeing's -- -- croft on ice for Awad yes. About it before -- is sold -- signs that perhaps the grammys ball crossed as awards broadcast channel the red carpet performers. Receiving a lesson from US channel CBS. Telling them to cover up. -- the music awards show this week and keeping dresses on the right side. But the media. An -- problems --

Reuters Today: Leaders close-in on EU budget deal after all-nighter

Friday, 08 Feb, 2013 - 03:58

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