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Techquity: Innovation time at Apple?, Prime time for Amazon

Monday, 11 Feb, 2013 - 02:45

Feb 11 - Apple reportedly considers a new device while Amazon does another deal for its Prime service.

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Time will tell what Apple's next products it. Reports are indicating the company is now experimenting with a wrist watch. The New York Times says the device made of curved glass would operate from the exact same platform as the iPhone and it can also be used to make mobile payments. The Wall Street Journal says that apple has discussed the potential product with a manufacturing partner Foxconn. Now the stories are committing UBS that animation apple is not it. It is the bears on the stock point to a lack of new developments since Steve Jobs left the firm. However UBS note that their jobs was formerly named CEO on an interim basis in late 1997. To four years until we got document. Then it took seven more for the iPhone and then three more for the iPad so the company is right on schedule. Shares of apple or close to 2% today and the bulls at to -- capital are out with a note saying that they anticipate it -- cost iPhone to hit the market this year. That firm has its price target of 888 for Apple Stock. Now we're searching for some gains -- Google. Executive chairman Eric Schmidt plans to sell 42% of his stake in the company rules saying in a filing that the move will game quote. Individual last diversification and liquidity and quote works out to about 3.2 million shares of stock or 2.3 percent of outstanding stock. The current value which is about 2.5 billion. Becomes shares at an all time hot and as more folks go to the site to search online. Search engine land points out that monthly searches in December are up nearly 115 billion that's from 37 billion about five and a half years ago. This dwarfs number two -- do. With a number of searches and actually quadrupled over this time. Google shares are down about 1% today. Amazon is stepping up its competition -- Netflix the company's recent deal with CBS for the rights to stream episodes of the upcoming under the -- series. Based on the novel like Stephen King. And as I will gain access to the -- four days after the premiere on the -- network which will be available Amazon prime members. This follows deal announced last week to stream episodes of PBS show down that it. Shares of Amazon are down fractionally today. Time for a soaring sputtering our look at movers soaring is -- well. RBC capital markets raising its rating on the Internet company from sector perform to outperform their shares are up about 5%. Sputtering is concurrent computer corporation the maker of video on demand systems has been downgraded by noble financial capital. To hold from -- Noble says it has a price target of about eight dollars and stock Newark closed on Friday shares today down 5%. That's to protect you this Monday remember who follow us on Twitter -- RT RS equity Montgomery and.

Techquity: Innovation time at Apple?, Prime time for Amazon

Monday, 11 Feb, 2013 - 02:45

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