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U.S. Morning Call: U.S. Air, AMR near $11 billion merger

Monday, 11 Feb, 2013 - 03:10

Feb 11 - Under terms of a deal that are still being finalized, US Airways Chief Executive Doug Parker would become CEO of the combined airline.

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Did your morning call for Monday welcome aboard American US Airways airline doesn't yet but that's what you may be hearing soon. If you companies are nearing an eleven billion dollar deal that would create the world's largest carrier the -- -- each is expected to meet this week to vote on the proposed merger. The Wall Street Journal reports the DOJ make clear the deal. Research note that despite the spate of mergers US airline fares have declined in recent years. That should assure our regulators. In the US delta dominates market share. The merger would come more than fourteen months after the parent of American Airlines filed for bankruptcy in November 2011. And would mark the last deal between legendary US carriers since delta northwest United Continental and southwest AirTran combined. Turning for one big deal to another depending on who you ask I'm talking about Eric Schmidt selling 40%. Of his shares in Google. Some analysts saying it's reasonable for Schmidt to diversify his holdings. After all at the end of the day he's still got a good deal of skin in the go game however this could catch it playing in less central role in the company going forward. So could this spook investors. Well Google out -- the NASDAQ tech index for the last one and a half years and the NASDAQ Composite for the last six months. In this morning's premarket though shares or roughly 1% lower than its Friday close prize. One thing that could be a big deal for Google is the logic of a full blown YouTube TV channel. Customers of the BBC NI TV will be able to pull out YouTube without a computer. In -- channel hit UK households by the end of march. Moving from one new tech product to another in our stocks to watch. What time does it. It's apple time in New York Times reporting that apple is experimenting with a device similar to a wrist watch. That would operate on the same platform as the iPhone. Also the Wall Street Journal separately reporting that apple discussed such a device with its manufacturing partner -- high precision. Shares getting a slight lift in the premarket. Gap in the spotlight after posting an 8% increase in sales for January according to the Wall Street Journal. Adding up to fifteen point seven billion dollars in net sales the stock's risen 50% in the past year. -- my -- the maker of corona is set to report quarterly results today many US investors will be paying close attention to those numbers. In light of the US government's lawsuit to block Anheuser-Busch in -- proposed takeover worth twenty billion dollars. Moving -- -- US market S&P Dow and NASDAQ futures point to a higher open today. Indices soared last week with the NASDAQ closing at 812 year high and the S&P 500 -- -- your high we'll see if they continue that trend. That's your morning copper Monday remembered a follow us on Twitter at latest inside and get more Reuters videos at Reuters dot com slash Reuters TV. I'm Lisa Bernhard this is right.

U.S. Morning Call: U.S. Air, AMR near $11 billion merger

Monday, 11 Feb, 2013 - 03:10

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