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3XSQ: Wal-Mart's U.S. customers hit by payroll taxes

Thursday, 21 Feb, 2013 - 03:03

Feb 21 - Wal-Mart Stores said that U.S. sales weakness persisted into early February, as Americans absorbed the impact of higher payroll taxes and gasoline prices, along with slow tax refunds.

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Three Times Square this Thursday from Reuters world headquarters in New York. Wall art is blaming weak sales on the tax man. The higher -- tax yes but also -- lower tax refunds. It cited higher gasoline prices as well the world's largest retailer expecting same store sales in the US to be flat in the first quarter. They rose nearly 3% in the first quarter a year ago the fourth quarter of last year was better. Wal-Mart posted a profit that topped forecasts in part due to a lower tax rate. It also raised its dividend. Sony hoping to boost sales with a new device the struggling Japanese company discussed plans to launch a new PlayStation. New York event Wednesday evening. -- -- console will let users stream and played video games and share videos with friends. Sony trying to get a head start over the next version of Microsoft's Xbox expected later this year. However displayed that comptroller of the new PlayStation and not the console as it it would only be available by the year end holiday season. Sales climbing at IMAX revenue at the Canadian movie system firm up close to 20% while profit rose more than 100%. More theaters aren't start installing the large screen the company also benefiting from the strong box office. Speaking of box office Sunday's best picture Oscar nominees are already winners and that name. In nine films up for best take including front runners are -- Lincoln have raked in a combined two billion bucks in ticket sales worldwide. That question is the one point two billion earn my last year's nominated nine. This week intersection of art and commerce bode well for broadcaster ABC which hopes more viewers will tune into it for film they've actually seen. Last year show in which little scene on the artist on the top prize had sixteen million fewer viewers than when Titanic won big in 98. And finally how's this for a Smart pet trick. Organs -- keepers have -- ultra cruel way to help Eddie -- -- exercised his art critic joints. -- taking his dunking ability to a new level teaching him to dunk a basketball. And check this out he and guess -- around. -- He goes at fifteen years old Eddie is considered geriatrics. At twenty old. Brian is -- this is twilight years. That is the latest from three times where this third. Say you can follow us on Twitter -- Reuters Insider and get more Reuters videos at Reuters dot com slash players to be ahead at 10 AM. Did you live interview with former FDIC head Sheila -- on. Whether regulators should break up big US banks. Also available on demand I'm Lisa Bernhard this is writers.

3XSQ: Wal-Mart's U.S. customers hit by payroll taxes

Thursday, 21 Feb, 2013 - 03:03

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