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Techquity: Apple iWatch clues, Google gains

Thursday, 21 Feb, 2013 - 03:06

Feb. 21 - Drawings from Apple show a device that looks like a watch. Also, analysts raise their price targets on Google.

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Apple fans abuzz over its latest patent filing because of snacks and that much -- Smart watch. This gets contained in the filing published today shows. Flexible screen wrapped around your wrist. The patent says a touch screen could a just order a current playlist review list of phone calls and send replies to text messages using a virtual keyboard. It will connect to another device presumably Smartphone it Bluetooth or Wi-Fi -- sounds like a Smart watch. Piper Jaffray senior analyst gene Munster says wearable computers like Smart watches could someday replace Smartphones in ten years. The past decade has been phones and Smartphones but that's gonna stick to transfer to watch is in glasses though. This is that something that people talked about for a long time but it's actually become prime time in the next twelve months. An analyst that the other three horsemen of the Internet Google FaceBook and Amazon will be big players in the wearable computer market as well. Now all this water cooler talk. But apple comes just as David Einhorn case -- proxy case against apple directly to investors. They hedge fund manager host a webcast today to argue that apple should issue preferred stock to investors a way of sharing its huge pile of cash. Shares of apple down 1% today in line with the fall of the NASDAQ. And -- becoming more positive on Google. Deutsche Bank thinks the company's overhauled its search advertising will make it easier for smaller advertisers to customize their campaigns. Which will drive more revenue. It also sees the growth of mobile search adding more of Google's bottom line partly as more users click on ads through its android operating system. Rather than Apple's IOS -- costs are higher. So Deutsche Bank has raised its price target from 850 dollars to 935. Bernstein sees a growth -- mobile web boosting business merely because more people of access to the unit at their fingertips and -- do more searches. And also believes YouTube is under appreciated is experiencing meaningful growth. So Bernstein is taking its price target from 820 bucks to 1000 dollars a share. This is a Wall Street Journal reports Google's work -- touch screen laptops using its chrome operating system. Shares of Google fractionally higher on this down day for the market. Story inspiring time our look at movers first -- is home away. The company which provides online listings of homes for rent posted a quarterly profit that beat expectations as the number of -- rose. It also raises guidance for this year shares up about 10%. And sputtering United Online which operates online services that is -- our provider FTV. It reported quarterly earnings that missed estimates shares down 8%. That's kept putting this Thursday remember you can follow us on Twitter at RT IRS equity. I'm Fred Katayama and this is war.

Techquity: Apple iWatch clues, Google gains

Thursday, 21 Feb, 2013 - 03:06

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