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Europe Week Ahead: Italian election aftermath to dominate

Friday, 22 Feb, 2013 - 03:34

Feb. 22 - A look at next week’s key events dominated by the outcome of the Italian election as well as results from RBS, Lloyds, BASF and testimony from Ben Bernanke.

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This is a look ahead to next week's key political and financial events can be stopped with Italian election. The outcome and aftermath of which will dominate next week -- takes place on Sunday and Monday but right now though it's unclear what the result will be. The consensus view that the center left who doubled with the support for money among -- centrist is still far himself to. -- market is showing no signs of what -- children for a big reaction if both strong government to manages options enrollment Tuesday and Wednesday will be an interesting text. Seems sees Michael -- says deals could well. -- -- -- When you're digging in Europe political uncertainty is who -- of the gang. I think it does not conclusive outcome with respect for the Italian election I think that's going to make bond investors and Italian very very nervous. I think we could see -- push -- -- 5% on the ten in Asia. And it could well present the ECB with a significant problem if the reform program stills and if that happens that's going to be fairly negative -- risk. A stellar lineup -- bullets -- summit next week the European Commission president. -- -- -- commissioners the finance ministers of Germany France and Spain to ECB board members and Peter UK ministers. We'll be drilling ban on the sense of complacency creeping in since the ECB to break up risk off the table the field -- say I'm not -- On Britain's place in the EU and OK tell airlift today when the ECB's -- Ausmus and told us what he's most worried about. The key challenges in the number of countries is the loss of competitiveness. In the last years this relates to a number of countries second we need -- needed to meet you Tom fiscal strategy especially given the rising. Demographic challenges in most Euro area countries and -- we need to clean up and bank balance sheets work is needed. Still plenty of companies reporting in Europe next week on Tuesday we'll be speaking to be here set chief executive cut ball but Cummings. A Reuters poll season I'll find more than 22%. On Friday WPP's -- Soto will be with us to discuss the state of the advertising world and the big -- -- British banks with both RBS and Lloyd's reports and it's a punt set -- -- ones that says negative expectations. Leave room for positive shocks. He's likely to have been. Particularly tough time for the banks especially noise which is pretty much you -- focused. So think -- expectations who recently Yahoo! in my which of course could provide. Some upside surprises. On the -- up front Tuesday BKQ four GDP from South Africa and friends unemployment for -- -- Wednesday is German consumer confidence. From the GFK. On a second meeting a few key fourth quarter GDP. Thursday may get inflation dates aren't final Q4 GDP with Spain. On German unemployment also on Friday manufacturing PMI is for the Euro zone on the UK. The key events in the US next week for European investors as Ben Bernanke's testimony to the senate banking committee. The Fed chairman's what will be closely monitored for clues about the Fed's exit policy. On not. Finally lost until is gearing up for the biggest night of this year on Sunday that -- to fifth Academy Awards we'll see Hollywood's finest descend on the dole be the it's up. Finally guy treats -- Seth MacFarlane will host disseminate on the red hot favorite to pick up Oscars this year are Steven Spielberg's Lincoln and the best picture category. Possibly for best supporting actress and -- is a problem. That's what you need to know for next week I'm -- -- gave this a -- to.

Europe Week Ahead: Italian election aftermath to dominate

Friday, 22 Feb, 2013 - 03:34

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