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Great Rotation – Fact or False Dawn?

Friday, 22 Feb, 2013 - 02:08

Feb. 22 - The ‘Great Rotation’ from bonds into equities has begun say some market watchers, but fund flows suggest this theory is just a myth for now.

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The city of London this to the great irritation the shift on bonds equities is under way but -- changed. We eniac. Is the 20 -- bond -- Lockett really an end. And join me and asked is buying into it. I don't -- so much a matter of putting you buy into remote it's happening as we speak to you you -- just have to look at what's so far things been. This year could think of 2012 it was a year which is stem concerns were not addressed -- systematic solutions but -- liquidity. First deal to gross of course follow the -- by the promise of more to come. From the CB and to do whatever it takes really and we've taken that some of the star this year has seen -- to great rotation. -- -- is the pool that theory the MCI developed markets index has risen on the 7% this yet. So half of the C 100 which is -- whole index to many major gamble company's. The S&P 500. Has says to levels unseen since November of 2007. Butts. Fun for days paints a different take. We're looking -- the -- in Europe. The short answer is no it's not happening yet equity sales and picking out. So that much more strongly and have been in the policies. But it still doesn't predisposition of investors to be investing in bond funds in the US. I mean the that the signs are more positive that equity flows in most weeks -- -- -- he had been out icing all the phones but still. Excuse not to decisive shift. Just Davis told it's actually taxes going into equities rather -- on the bond market. I think -- set which tracks mutual funds show is a huge percent drop in cash holdings since the middle of last year -- to less than 9%. And escorts. All of this yet we just gonna see much much greater volumes of money moving into -- aren't. So far it's been a steady -- it hasn't been a decisive move. This -- is there is great appetite -- products but we see what. This irritation. -- -- -- -- -- --

Great Rotation – Fact or False Dawn?

Friday, 22 Feb, 2013 - 02:08

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