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The race to rule the wearable gadget market

Friday, 22 Feb, 2013 - 03:18

The first wave of wearable tech is already here: fitness devices like NikeFuel band have set the stage for a burgeoning business. But with Google launching computer glasses and Apple believed to be developing a smart watch, these devices are poised to surpass smartphones over the next decade. (February 22, 2013)

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Tom Cruise doesn't Mission Impossible and soon you can too. Computers are aware are quickly becoming reality. Okay that's recorded videos. Google is seeking people of by the first publicly available pairs of its Google -- Thoughtful creative types won't mind wearing a computer on their face what 15100 dollar price tag. The new apple patent filing shows what could be. Slick Smart watch wearable computers over the next decade experts. And they may make Smartphones worthwhile. Less Smart. Gene Munster -- wearable tech -- eventually replace Smartphones altogether and just ten years. The past decade has been phones and Smartphones but that's it is there to transfer to watches the glass itself. This is something that people talked about for a long time but it's actually to become prime time in the next twelve months. -- we're now fitness and health products are among the most innovative wearable again if -- fuel band keeps track of what you do during the day. Jawbone up does that as well offers tips and allows you compete against friends. One of the biggest hits in the pebble watch which tells you who's calling your Smartphone and displays text messages song titles and artists. It raised a record ten million dollars in financing -- kick start. But analysts say it may take an even harder product to make the real laughs I think the iPod. Dramatic new technological advances are making all this possible the latest warnings razor thin bendable blasts. That could enable wraparound designs making the Smart ones like the one that apple patent possible. All this adds to consumer wearable gadget market -- nearly double in just two years to one point five billion dollars according to one. 2014 we'll be they what should the F a spot where both of my classes in terms of prolonged contraction amongst consumers. But what 2030 movie they haven't really get to see. Most of the announcements and and then launches from. Found these players and you. Can bet the four horsemen of the Internet Amazon apple Google FaceBook plus Microsoft will duke it out for wearable supremacy just like. It will -- winner take also apple and Google each have their. Customer base as switching back overlap with each other apple actually is visible leader in miracles job it. Thank you to all of those companies are making hardware that work for nearly an apple devices and they also sell those races through the Apple Store. Another potential apple advantage. Apps developers make more money off IOS and android. What's next. It's more tattoos. Developed by the University of Texas -- tax measure the movement of the throat muscles to enable video game was the voice their command. No word yet on whether that makes you a better game.

The race to rule the wearable gadget market

Friday, 22 Feb, 2013 - 03:18

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