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Breakingviews: Chrysler turbo boost for Fiat

Thursday, 02 Jan, 2014 - 03:28

Jan. 2 - Fiat’s deal to take full control of Chrysler is the best possible start to the new year for the Italian automaker, says Breakingviews.

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On today's breaking these Fiat deal to take full control of -- -- the Italian also make a new yet -- at least. Did enough to guarantee survival -- joining me now eyes begging these assistant Anderson Robert Cole -- -- to have you with us. The deal at four point three billion dollars was the right price. Well I think its products which she couldn't -- freeways actually depending on who you are who you're trying to so let's do. It it's rock song on three counts if you'll see cries. How close pension fund thing. You goal of full point three billion dollars in -- us. And that's huge price. But -- permitted of that is to so -- the immediate price for. They it's like he's walked it off. Three point six billion dollars but cut not wanton and actually quite enough of that money is coming out and if you like crosses out of seeks. I wish. One way or another thing it would go on its hands on and that in in the end anyway so you could possibly take that at some of that some. A YE a -- we still -- whatnot billion dollars and feel fit and set him up Janet. You could not save a lot of fights. By calling it but -- beside -- is what it's a really clever deal it calls. Each of those numbers in Rome bodies of those numbers is an entirely write something I never realized something for everyone and those are really not a problem. Hit which have to be unlocked and it's very pleasing to see. That Tom -- it take -- that benefits as as a line well think that the key thing here is that of course that. -- -- essentially. How to control of of cries and a anyway. And the benefits of that alliance. Will now be able. So come through in terms of sharing that technology in marketing. And sold the real benefit today's news is that a huge destruction. Crossed fingers has been taken a YE. From that the process of reinventing reinvent in this company. The patent disruption. And the management time that would've taken. To Seoul this thing out -- through legal battles perhaps through an IP a big commit a wide so the -- of being played -- like. Announcer Jim option. Can get on with trying to run the business and you can see that I think kept it has up 15% this morning on the good news Dan doctor that sort of tells us children. Actually it's up six point. Actually at six point 69. -- -- and just really quickly on all week -- to -- and read someone that it's a seven's biggest comedy now is this is she going to tell the company around. What I think about is the question and an action of the stretch announcers know all over itself. This doesn't do anything really -- and remove the destruction. The hard work is still to come in terms of getting extra seat the products and technology and amount -- -- Rights to a tough road ahead my thanks a lot of cold at breaking these. Flaw agenda setting financial and -- watching US breaking the show every day. At twelve -- east in seventeen cents a AT&T I'm managing along this is horses.

Breakingviews: Chrysler turbo boost for Fiat

Thursday, 02 Jan, 2014 - 03:28

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