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Breakingviews: BT & BSkyB equality will be short-lived

Friday, 31 Jan, 2014 - 04:07

Jan. 31 - Both groups are producing market-pleasing results but future success hinges on who wins what at the next major soccer rights auction, says Reuters Breakingviews.

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On today's trading -- -- the back of the -- beat CNB sky B hinges on victory. The next welcome rightful action could be today which is breaking visa system as have -- -- -- and -- joining us. Yeah so quick that BT of course the retention quarterly sales -- first time since 2009. How much is this unit down into the hole we've got the right strategy because we've won this auction. Did the reinvention of the tear them shall sourcing minimum. Around for a moment can't remember -- big city was so it is ago one of the big base of the London market and but most the last frontiers of the gently sort of dwindling away terrible awful -- Above -- -- -- -- When vase at a chase all sports strikes -- into giving itself by a fundamentally new lease of life. By the same token a wonderful article but at least -- update was that all of us on the site of the market leader in this in this sports media spice. The big city is really giving it a very fundamentally. What's ahead a really big -- run for its money. Nanny and that he said he's not doing nothing is fighting back. And it's cut a deal that HP is for the game with friends it's also a -- and if you want sports deals and an -- week is this enough well. The thing. About. The jury is still out on the front who's gonna win this race is it going to be beat city is going to be peace -- but he. Couple of observations. I think I refer to my previous point in the Bushehr right to repeat he has now courts not wait -- -- -- they're very much. Acts. To salute parity -- like that both equally well respected it would appear. By this -- market as a whole so you could take from the -- And my Clinton Michael McClinton is sort of moving in the stretch in the view he's preparing now is it that you will waiting for a way to to -- it's the balances on two controversial argument could both be Whitman's. And the -- to say is one good news is the other guy to win. Not smut makes the point of what could happen here is that BC and beast on Wednesday to get could make the whole market much beta. -- there will be room if you'd like full both of them and in that way they can both be witness. A lot of it depends on. Proxy in I'm one of my reasons why come to that conclusion is actually. That package of Scott policy is quite expensive. League -- of people who would be interest that it out of it. They might decide all the -- might be eighteen months but let's pump up the volume and get off. Value from more subscriptions at the low low level but it. I it's I think is let go some way he stopped him so much comes down to -- the sports media or auction comes out on how that plays. I'm -- -- to let my home market data structured my outlook for both of them doesn't necessarily. Well it's not to -- depends on what this will. And it's actually a point on is that both of them. This and not the -- Beth and and they could essentially make up high even -- absolutely although it does depend on how the sports rights all. All options are divvied up and it could be the way it goes is that. You have one gets the really important stuff piazza doesn't so -- a way it does emerge if secondly some Conway west the packages is split. Both good. It's we have seen it and that was a very interesting point from other -- from breaking -- And what tiebreaking. Using US and every day at twelve that he's from New York. Five cents in London I'm managing all the sources.

Breakingviews: BT & BSkyB equality will be short-lived

Friday, 31 Jan, 2014 - 04:07

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