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Breakingviews: FIFA needs a hat-trick on governance

Friday, June 06, 2014 - 04:15

June 6 - Allegations of corruption have caught FIFA offside. Its executive committee is too big, its congress unrepresentative and president too powerful - the body needs reforms, says Breakingviews.

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Hundreds. Lovely enough of that enough of my showing off. -- with breaking news today talking about the World Cup a week. Of course to go until the Wellcome -- -- COLT gonna drag your idea comforts and talk about football talk about governance of -- Are you got some pretty strong words to say about this topics. Yet you have even on style Malia and we're looking forward to what's gonna be a graceful C event -- kicking off -- about. But since June July but you know it safer is not. Nolan outfit without its controversies I think Israelis on the times on his knees tight. That's new allegations. Last week cannot go well let's have a look at look at it and see what seeing what it's like cannot go out. But any suggestions as to -- how it might be in Europe and the and and this relates to treat that with some but the priest. But the structuring terms of government and we start of the congress yeah. -- -- -- -- -- to have Pete as if it was a company. I think the congress which is the general assembly which is the nearest thing it has to if you want to set hold assembly. I'm and that's made up of 202 rounds and all its members each of which is drawn from one of the national associations have 200 countries like the -- 200 -- excitement at what point hearings and when you're making it but the really big. Countries at the same way as the release it'll come up. Countries it explodes and -- people but there is that kind of representation that the but he ruled again there are no leaving but it seems to the old that huge soccer superpowers. The Brazil's the Germany's displaying the Italy's. Have the same representation that is very very important body. As without when you sound to -- the -- knows -- Ice shelves and out of your house based on wall well I think that it intends that the registered number reply is professional and amateur. -- -- TV -- will be some idea of how enthusiastic responses. Putts even on his on field trial last as well so if you get to the World Cup finals. Popsicle fought verdicts to delegate and I'm not saying that you know she gets a situation like -- buying land the US Condit all or another one of those international financial institutions let. Big economies. Adult might not bunt sign that perhaps a big so opposite super nice and -- Brazil will have. We implement this whereas the site sells them but Utica said -- second or expect. Committee tried to find members say that too many -- -- just testimony you can. He -- make good decisions. He's a good culpable we'll have half that many times. Perhaps as many as you can count on the fingers of all the tigers have to think maybe. Good decisions. More closely because it is an -- into the the other thing about that these. It's. Particularly the -- it's -- I mean. About big committee can be debated divided and ruled by and I've moxie. After -- lead final points. The president got kept -- companies that perhaps he's playing what the chairman and CEO and a global role he's -- to my hero. Yeah he has lots of Chelsea. Supervises the sort of administration -- the thing here is that legally bought the emergence of they the -- undertakes all the big negotiations. He has lots and lots of jobs and in my. Looking at that kind of -- to suggest that this guy in -- corporate complex would be examined and the chief executive and in the -- constantly on the side of the Atlantic. That's being sort of thing that's out with the off and they should separate those two roles. They do have a general secretary the have a President Bush decides the Goldman's exit. It's a lot but they need us to find those leadership role. Which means that he balancing job. The vice president you go through the all right what a good -- nine reference -- just in my hundred. The only hedge in this act home and a camera you ready yet. Brokaw thanks very much indeed it was breaking news -- thirties and seventeen -- -- is the US show. -- problems sources.

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Breakingviews: FIFA needs a hat-trick on governance

Friday, June 06, 2014 - 04:15

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