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Breakingviews: StanChart’s rattled board

9:55am BST - 03:42

A knee-jerk statement to quell noise about the future of the chairman and CEO makes the StanChart board look rattled says Breakingviews. It lacks alternatives to repeat HSBC’s dual change from 2010.

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Amazon -- at risk of doing HSBC and doing it badly with me now is said George -- from breaking these. Stern talk today of course dismissing them is that succession plans is isn't me jet reaction to trying -- speculation. We can see why they've come -- with them there's been a couple of reports that north of -- -- saying that convinces them. Have a big problem with the way things he -- run until peace -- and these fans -- seeking sexy snack if you were in that situation they bank of India company. -- people who just -- expect a team that is very tempting to say look. There's a problem that -- as simple -- that that the problem how is that people have been saying. That receives -- stance and chosen some time. Simply because that isn't or wasn't working as well as it DT who did it it will split and say BC that is kind of if you'll then. -- could come out with a statement that we people guns blazing saying. No problem but yet would you just play this fighting will cool and we just looking back to what happened with its stands sources rival HSBC. And with school years to get a sweater and a similar situation. And the kids. The team and comments sent them. Michael Mike -- is seeking sixty has been threatened to resign this season -- salmon and HSBC ten that was a statement that at times saying. Is little monsters is almost a couple of tough for weeks later as a massive blood flow -- the Tennessee this go. So which is kind of worrying about is a similar situation. Even in just about to Afghanistan with -- and about those happens and so is that if you're seeing this and HSBC. Is there HSBC had a -- team. Ready to come in to replace date and Stephen Green it's been -- chipset wasn't -- itself -- it's not -- clear political -- because he's racing experience go on the board he could -- it and expanded steadily independence and the issue is he would replace pizza sounds. They've -- had to happen quickly it's not so obviously that they. Now. Want to talk about pieces while with youth. Has he got too much on his playing its full potential in the -- he's committing improves -- -- he will -- old. Experienced. Some itself and I'm three. He's kind of leaving Experian. Let's be he still had -- but I agree and he -- -- -- so much. Police crisis especially. Most people would say. When you when you have a chairman of the big international bank you -- that's been an Angel and woman to be basically focusing on the map that is not to say -- until peace. Isn't capable of kind of juggling roles you know I think is found itself if he's on the spotlight -- And say the issue really is it would be better things except that one of those roles. And -- -- -- -- status and so to that means that and a bit. All he knew so when they get any ten minute and then got salmon looks at what what needs to be done about success distress he came forward and that seems. But the process -- news in -- now. It's something he's you know. Thank you very much that's hits and -- listening. -- and that is the latest comments from breaking these today focusing on -- -- and what's gonna happen with these succession that. I'm mentioning a long Sundays is --

Breakingviews: StanChart’s rattled board

9:55am BST - 03:42

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