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Breakingviews: Iliad's moon shot

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TMT-men are the superheroes of finance today. Xavier Niel, the billionaire behind Iliad, is bidding $15 bln for T-Mobile US. But maybe this idea should have stayed in the lab, says Breakingviews

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He gets pumped full cost of Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile US units looks a stretch says that breaking news Quinn web. Has been looking into the story. And and you've written quite a bit about in the yet. And kneels. Is that BA -- -- challenger if you like cash in the cost you -- Well it's a sort of step change for him he has scored he transformed Frenchman -- with a very low cost. Foreign built some thirteen -- market share in just a couple of years but the US is a much bigger. Market he sort of straining at the seems to kind of raise the financing status on taking on. I'm Softbank which is already intending to manage to unit with -- saying sprints this but is unlikely to get it because I'd trust concerns. -- -- -- and that's the thing say Softbank argue that it will be back to have three very strong. Players in the US -- -- -- two very powerful ones AT&T and Verizon and two -- things in Sprint's it team involved. But regulate sustained some -- but it's a sixteen billion dollar bid for 57%. Of this unit. I'm in your piece you you make him very positive Indiana's anyway sixteen billion itself how how ward in the F finances -- new -- to be finance street debt so you and it's on a public telecoms. Wants and as amendments to -- the bond markets and raise huge amounts of money. On the that would also be some -- involvement say it. WA -- listen multi billionaire himself and he would contribute to it. Two billion Euro two Chad capsule -- that they Minneapolis so -- -- we when you talk about -- -- it. He's not over reaching in its financial since he's an impeached or overreaching into. And -- in and expertise and says he doesn't of the US -- doesn't and I'm mobile it's a bit of placed us a -- is though when. Did you business comes together oh be quiet Heidi leave that as well which means. You have limited dream Ferreira so it's based expertise on sort of financial costing. -- Masayoshi Son. Softbank. I think of the Reuters reports of the text of course -- -- seven's that use these. Compare as. Meciar she and -- and says the quite similar and can and and and what their aspirations soldiers -- them. Well yes I mean in my piece what I say is the -- may be reaching a peak in. The kind of T and T owns and seems so you have these two have very similar deficit to Michael Patrick trying. I'm kind of creative ways -- -- -- -- and Americana in France and they have John Malone of course he's done something similar when an even bigger scale which Liberty Global flying up table across. We wouldn't call him and on narrative -- direct order I think he still is it's definitely -- maybe Miriam I'm doing him an injustice but a case that we rich and happy what does that mean. Looking forward for a furnace is in the sect. Well I just one that you know will debt markets always been this welcoming will -- companies always tried and such high. Multiples -- and if they need to its pay -- -- united. Will they always feel they so -- kind of street -- enormous costs when they buy other companies it feels like this is a very kind of exuberant. -- and in the market kept it on many things about the recurrence -- Goes on up for the breaking news website at the US bring you shares atrocities and some -- PST. I'm -- twelve destroys.

Breakingviews: Iliad's moon shot

9:45am BST - 03:30

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