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A million workers' benefits are changing - will yours?

Thursday, 26 Sep, 2013 - 01:34

It's open enrollment season, and change is in the air. New public and private healthcare exchanges offer more choices to consumers, but those choices can be daunting. Lauren Young breaks down the options.

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It's officially fall and that means that many of us about them are one of the most important financial decisions will make -- yeah. Benefits and when you opened -- 2014 benefits package you might see some dramatic changes. UPS is the latest company that has dropped coverage for spouses who can get health care from their own jobs. Now that the Obama care exchanges are in full force. More companies -- drops process altogether leaving them to find insurance in the open market. More than one million workers are going to be offered a brand new way to get health coverage. They will be able to pick out a plan from a private exchange. Companies like Walgreens are leading the charge these exchanges are not part of obamacare but they're similar in scope. And for now employers that do offer different choices on an exchange will -- part of your premiums as they currently do. If you're young and healthy sign up for health savings account and put pretax money away to cover your medical costs. It's likely your employer will -- cash in your HSA for completing things like health surveys. And some get the cash contribution no strings attached. Finally if you're not happy with the options your company is offering new. Consider plan available on the new health care exchanges which are set to launch on October 1 prices vary state to state. But the average cost per month is 328 dollars without subsidies. For more information. Go to www. Healthcare dot --

A million workers' benefits are changing - will yours?

Thursday, 26 Sep, 2013 - 01:34

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