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No casualties in Haniyeh house bombing

11:48am BST - 01:52

Israeli aircraft fires a missile at the house of Hamas Gaza leader Ismail Haniyeh and flattens it before dawn, causing damage but no casualties. Sarah Toms reports.

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The sun rises over Gaza, revealing the extent of the violence. After an intense night of of Israeli artillery and tank shelling, smoke still billows across the horizon. Before dawn an Israeli aircraft fired a missile at the home of the Hamas leader in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh. The house was flattened but a neighbour says there were no casualties. (SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) NEIGHBOUR OF HAMAS GAZA LEADER IN GAZA, ISMAIL HANIYEH, FATIMA ABU RIYALE, SAYING: "Last night while we were sleeping, at 1.30 in the morning, when the rockets started falling, there were three strikes. We took our children while they were sleeping, and we escaped this way, to the northern side, but thankfully there was no damage, no wounded, no martyrs - and all for the the Jihadists, and for Abu el Abed (referring to Ismail Haniyeh), and God willing he will stay safe" Only a framed picture of Haniyeh escapes unscathed, like the leader himself. In another attack, a building is gutted, targeted by Israeli forces as it houses Hamas broadcast outlets, Al-Aqsa TV and Al-Aqsa Radio. The television station continued to broadcast, but the radio station went silent. (SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) NEIGHBOUR, RAMZI SURI, SAYING: "There was no one at this television station, they hit civilians and don't care about anything, the only thing I can say is God is our only help against them and those who conspire with them." Gaza's only power plant was also damaged by shells. It was forced to shut down putting already restricted supplies in jeopardy. Israel launched its offensive more than three weeks ago in response to rocket attacks by Hamas militants. More than one thousand Palestinians and dozens of Israeli soldiers have been killed in the fighting. But as Israeli soldiers prepare for the longhaul, hearts and minds are now hardening and a compromise seems ever more remote.

No casualties in Haniyeh house bombing

11:48am BST - 01:52

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