Baby born after mother declared brain dead

LONDON (Reuters) - A premature but healthy baby has been born to a woman who had been declared brain dead two days previously, media reported on Tuesday.

Doctors at Oxford’s John Radcliffe hospital delivered the baby last Friday by Caesarean section at 25 weeks, weighing just over 2 lb (0.972 kg).

Her mother Jayne Soliman, a 41-year-old former ice-skating star who had competed at international level, did not recover after suffering a brain haemorrhage when she collapsed at home.

Doctors kept the mother’s heart beating for 48 hours after she was declared brain dead in order to deliver the baby. They gave her two large doses of steroids to help the baby’s lungs develop.

They turned off the life support shortly after the girl was born. Her Egyptian-born father has named her “Aya” which means miracle in Arabic.

“It was Jayne’s one true wish to be a mum. She would have been a great mum,” father Mahmoud Soliman, 29, told the Daily Mail.

“In the space of 48 hours I have experienced joy at the birth of my child and endured torment over losing my wonderful wife,” he added.

Reporting by Martina Fuchs, Editing by Steve Addison