CEE MARKETS-Stocks slip, FX drift as surge in COVID-19 cases stays in focus

    PRAGUE, Oct 26 (Reuters) - Central European currencies fell
into a holding pattern just off recent lows on Monday while
stocks eased, as the surge in COVID-19 cases in Europe blurred
economic outlooks.
    Czech consumer confidence fell the second most in October,
according to a regular statistics office survey, although the
crown took the data somewhat in stride, with markets
keeping an eye out for preliminary third-quarter growth data due
on Friday.
    The crown was down less than 0.1% at 27.265 per euro by 1021
GMT, fluctuating away from a near five-month low hit earlier in
October. One dealer said investors were also waiting for clarity
from the U.S. presidential election.
    "Local data is not good but the long (euro) position is
already a crowded trade so that's why it has calmed down a bit,"
the dealer said.
    Record daily tallies of new coronavirus infections around
Europe and also in the United States have fuelled investor
concern. Stock markets fell with global peers on Monday, with
Warsaw down 0.7% and Prague off 0.3%.
    The Czech infection rate over a two-week period is currently
the highest in Europe on a per capita basis while central
European neighbours have also seen rising infection levels. New
restrictions will impact fourth-quarter economic activity.
    In Poland, the zloty led currency losses, ticking
down 0.15% to 4.5825 to the euro.
    The Hungarian forint has approached lows last
touched in early April at the height of the initial wave of the
coronavirus pandemic. It traded up marginally at 365.30 on
Monday morning.
    "We cannot see what could stop the euro versus forint
exchange rate in the short term," Erste Bank said. "There has
not been a significant tightening by the central bank, and the
resistance level is around 370."
    Hungary's central bank kept the interest rate on its
one-week deposit facility unchanged at 0.75% on Thursday, two
days after it kept benchmark interest rates on hold at a regular
policy meeting.
                   CEE      SNAPSHO   AT                      
                   MARKETS  T        1121              
                            Latest   Previou  Daily    Change
                            bid      close    change   in 2020
 EURCZK  Czech     <EURCZK  27.2650  27.2565   -0.03%   -6.72%
 =       crown     =>                                  
 EURHUF  Hungary   <EURHUF  365.300  365.440   +0.04%   -9.35%
 =       forint    =>             0        0           
 EURPLN  Polish    <EURPLN   4.5825   4.5755   -0.15%   -7.12%
 =       zloty     =>                                  
 EURRON  Romanian  <EURRON   4.8725   4.8742   +0.03%   -1.73%
 =       leu       =>                                  
 EURHRK  Croatian  <EURHRK   7.5810   7.5775   -0.05%   -1.79%
 =       kuna      =>                                  
 EURRSD  Serbian   <EURRSD  117.500  117.600   +0.09%   +0.06%
 =       dinar     =>             0        0           
         Note:     calcula                    1800            
         daily     ted                        CET      
         change    from STOCKS                                     
                            Latest   Previou  Daily    Change
                                     close    change   in 2020
 .PX     Prague              860.50  863.100   -0.30%  -22.87%
 .BUX    Budapest           33634.3  33655.1   -0.06%  -27.01%
                                  6        0           
 .WIG20  Warsaw    <.WIG20  1634.14  1645.32   -0.68%  -24.00%
 .BETI   Buchares           8698.57  8795.07   -1.10%  -12.82%
 .SBITO  Ljubljan  <.SBITO   819.10   823.67   -0.55%  -11.53%
 P       a         P>                                  
 .CRBEX  Zagreb    <.CRBEX  1598.30  1600.71   -0.15%  -20.78%
 .BELEX  Belgrade  <.BELEX   688.49   692.85   -0.63%  -14.12%
 15                15>                                 
 .SOFIX  Sofia     <.SOFIX   427.15   427.07   +0.02%  -24.82%
                   > BONDS                                      
                            Yield    Yield    Spread   Daily
                            (bid)    change   vs Bund  change
         Czech                                         spread
 CZ2YT=    2-year  <CZ2YT=   0.0580   0.0870   +082bp    +9bps
 RR                RR>                              s  
 CZ5YT=    5-year  <CZ5YT=   0.5820  -0.0020   +136bp    +0bps
 RR                RR>                              s  
 CZ10YT            <CZ10YT   1.0110   0.0050   +159bp    +1bps
 =RR     10-year   =RR>                             s  
 PL2YT=    2-year  <PL2YT=  -0.0260  -0.0350   +074bp    -3bps
 RR                RR>                              s  
 PL5YT=    5-year  <PL5YT=   0.4780  -0.0230   +125bp    -2bps
 RR                RR>                              s  
 PL10YT            <PL10YT   1.2230  -0.0210   +180bp    -2bps
 =RR     10-year   =RR>                             s  
                            3x6      6x9      9x12     3M
         Czech     <CZKFRA     0.28     0.25     0.26     0.35
         Rep       ><PRIBO                             
         Hungary   <HUFFRA     0.94     0.97     1.00     0.77
         Poland    <PLNFRA     0.17     0.14     0.13     0.22
         Note: FRA quotes                                     
         are for ask                                   

 (Reporting by Jason Hovet in Prague and Anita Komuves in