Oddly Enough

Scottish ski centre closed by too much snow

LONDON (Reuters) - A ski centre in the Scottish Highlands was forced to close on Friday -- because of too much snow during Britain’s coldest winter in 30 years.

The CairnGorm Mountain ski centre had to bring in diggers to clear the deep drifts that had built up on the slopes and approach road during two days of blizzards.

Scotland, which does not always have the most reliable snowfall for its winter sports, has been one of the worst hit areas of Britain during a freezing few weeks.

“It’s a bit like buses,” said Barry Gromett, a Met Office forecaster.

“You wait for a number of winters for skiing snow without any luck, and then it all arrives at once.”

The ski centre put a message on its web site explaining that the mountain and facilities, access roads and car parks would be closed after major drifting to allow for its clearance.

“We have come in this morning and it feels like groundhog day -- all our work yesterday has been filled in again,” it said.

The Met Office forecast more snow for Scotland on Friday.

Reporting by Avril Ormsby; Editing by Keith Weir