Dutch cabinet advisors ban Twitter during talks

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - The busy thumbs of Dutch politicians were silenced on Tuesday after advisors overseeing cabinet formation talks called for a ban on Twitter use during difficult negotiations.

Twitter has been a particular favorite of Dutch government officials, mostly notably leaders of the formerly in-power Christian Democrats.

At one point earlier this year, Finance Minister Jan Kees de Jager earned a rebuke from parliament for tweeting too much, and the leader of parliament last year chastised members for using Twitter during debates.

In that spirit, cabinet advisor Uri Rosenthal told a press conference that the parties would maintain silence during the ongoing negotiations. “For now we will hold radio silence, TV silence and camera silence - and we coin the word ‘de-twitter’ (as well),” Rosenthal said.

The June 9 parliamentary elections failed to produce a decisive result. The Liberals, who narrowly won the election, are in tense talks with the Labour Party, social liberals D66 and the Green Left about forming a cabinet.

Reporting by Harro ten Wolde, writing by Ben Berkowitz, editing by Paul Casciato