"Got any cost-cutting ideas?" government asks

LONDON (Reuters) - Chancellor George Osborne launched a website on Friday asking members of the public to submit their ideas on where the government should make cuts to spending to help tackle a record deficit.

The government, which has already announced plans to cut 6.2 billion pounds of spending in 2010/2011, last month asked public sector workers for their views on where savings could be made and received suggestions from 56,000 people.

“We are already putting into practice many of their ideas,” Osborne said in a video on the Spending Challenge website.

“Now I am asking the general public for their views. Tell us where is the waste, what should we cut out, what can we improve ... your government needs you, please get in touch.”

The website, here , which will be online until the end of August, also asks people to rate ideas put forward by others.

“Be as radical, creative and imaginative as you can,” it invites.

The best ideas will be considered in the government’s autumn spending review, the outcome of which is due to be published on October 20.

Members of the public will also be able to submit ideas through the Democracy UK pages of social networking website Facebook, Osborne said.

Reporting by Kylie MacLellan