JGBs little changed as traders look to Fed for clues

TOKYO, Sept 16 (Reuters) - Japanese government bonds were little changed on Wednesday as traders awaited the outcome of a U.S. Federal Reserve policy meeting later in the day.

Analysts said no major policy change was expected, but the focus is on whether the Fed offers details on how it plans to manage policy after shifting to a new framework focusing on average inflation.

Benchmark 10-year JGB futures rose 0.02 point to 152.02, with a trading volume of 10,396 lots.

The 10-year JGB yield was unchanged at 0.015%, while the 20-year JGB yield was flat at 0.390%.

The 30-year JGB yield held steady at 0.580%. The 40-year JGB yield was also flat at 0.600%.

The five-year yield fell 0.5 basis point to minus 0.110%.

At the short end of the curve, the two-year JGB yield was flat at minus 0.145%. (Reporting by the Tokyo markets team; Editing by Devika Syamnath)