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Shanghai steps up power rationing on weather -media

BEIJING, July 18 (Reuters) - China’s financial hub of Shanghai stepped up power rationing on Thursday, ordering some industrial users to cut power use at peak hours as demand surged to a record high due to sizzling temperatures, media reported.

With temperatures rising to more than 35 degrees Celsius, the electricity load soared to 21.32 GW on Thursday afternoon, topping the record high of 20.20 GW set on August 1, 2007, the Shanghai Morning Post reported.

The city had started rationing early this month, local media have reported.

Local government ordered some industrial users to cut power use by 780 megawatts at peak hours on Thursday to ensure supply to residential and other users, the report said.

The city’s power generators also revved up operations, churning out a maximum 14.15 GW, while power imports from other provinces reached 7.57 GW at one time, the newspaper said.

China has forecast a power shortfall of 10 gigawatts for the summer, about 1.4 percent of installed capacity, but at least 14 provinces have started rationing and maximum shortfalls are expected to reach nearly 30 GW, the largest summer deficit since 2004.

Reporting by Beijing Newsroom, editing by Jim Bai