December 31, 2018 / 11:15 AM / 8 months ago

FACTBOX-2019 EMEA sovereign-credit rating review dates

    LONDON, Dec 31 (Reuters) - Below are sovereign rating review
dates for S&P Global, Moody's, Fitch and DBRS for 2019,
published under European regulations before the first round of
reviews on Jan. 11.
    Rating agencies are only required to publish the review
dates of countries for which the relevant analyst is based in
the European Union, though they can add others if they wish.
    They can also change a rating outside these scheduled dates
but only in exceptional circumstances.

 Date      Country                     Agency
 11-Jan    Qatar                       Moody's
 11-Jan    Spain                       Fitch
 11-Jan    Italy                       DBRS
 11-Jan    Lithuania                   DBRS
 18-Jan    Andorra                     S&P Global
 18-Jan    Czech Republic              S&P Global
 18-Jan    Greece                      S&P Global
 18-Jan    Kuwait                      S&P Global
 18-Jan    Russia                      S&P Global
 18-Jan    Romania                     Moody's
 18-Jan    Austria                     Fitch
 18-Jan    Belarus                     Fitch
 18-Jan    France                      Fitch
 18-Jan    Macedonia                   Fitch
 18-Jan    Finland                     DBRS
 25-Jan    Azerbaijan                  S&P Global
 25-Jan    Guernsey                    S&P Global
 25-Jan    Jersey                      S&P Global
 25-Jan    Slovakia                    S&P Global
 25-Jan    Germany                     Moody's
 25-Jan    Malta                       Moody's
 25-Jan    Azerbaijan                  Fitch
 25-Jan    Germany                     Fitch
 25-Jan    Slovakia                    Fitch
 25-Jan    Sweden                      Fitch
 25-Jan    European Financial          DBRS
           Stability Facility          
 25-Jan    European Stability          DBRS
 25-Jan    The Netherlands             DBRS
 01-Feb    Albania                     S&P Global
 01-Feb    Democratic Republic of      S&P Global
 01-Feb    Israel                      S&P Global
 01-Feb    Mozambique                  S&P Global
 01-Feb    Finland                     Moody's
 01-Feb    Kenya                       Moody's
 01-Feb    Moldova                     Moody's
 01-Feb    Czech Republic              Fitch
 01-Feb    Finland                     Fitch
 01-Feb    Malta                       Fitch
 01-Feb    Ireland                     DBRS
 08-Feb    Angola                      S&P Global
 08-Feb    Rwanda                      S&P Global
 08-Feb    Albania                     Moody's
 08-Feb    Ireland                     Moody's
 08-Feb    Andorra                     Fitch
 08-Feb    Greece                      Fitch
 08-Feb    Lithuania                   Fitch
 08-Feb    Slovenia                    Fitch
 15-Feb    Hungary                     S&P Global
 15-Feb    Turkey                      S&P Global
 15-Feb    European Financial          Moody's
           Stability Facility          
 15-Feb    European Stability          Moody's
 15-Feb    Mozambique                  Moody's
 15-Feb    Portugal                    Moody's
 15-Feb    Russia                      Fitch
 15-Feb    Austria                     DBRS
 15-Feb    Belgium                     DBRS
 15-Feb    Malta                       DBRS
 22-Feb    Iraq                        S&P Global
 22-Feb    Lithuania                   S&P Global
 22-Feb    Sweden                      S&P Global
 22-Feb    Switzerland                 S&P Global
 22-Feb    Tajikistan                  S&P Global
 22-Feb    Zambia                      S&P Global
 22-Feb    Bosnia and Herzegovina      Moody's
 22-Feb    Netherlands                 Moody's
 22-Feb    Georgia                     Fitch
 22-Feb    Hungary                     Fitch
 22-Feb    Italy                       Fitch
 01-Mar    Cape Verde                  S&P Global
 01-Mar    Lebanon                     S&P Global
 01-Mar    Romania                     S&P Global
 01-Mar    Greece                      Moody's
 01-Mar    Lithuania                   Moody's
 01-Mar    Slovenia                    DBRS
 08-Mar    Bosnia and Herzegovina      S&P Global
 08-Mar    Republic of Congo           S&P Global
 08-Mar    Cyprus                      S&P Global
 08-Mar    Denmark                     S&P Global
 08-Mar    Kazakhstan                  S&P Global
 08-Mar    Macedonia                   S&P Global
 08-Mar    Bulgaria                    Moody's
 08-Mar    Luxembourg                  Moody's
 08-Mar    Ukraine                     Fitch
 08-Mar    Luxembourg                  DBRS
 15-Mar    Austria                     S&P Global
 15-Mar    Finland                     S&P Global
 15-Mar    Ghana                       S&P Global
 15-Mar    Jordan                      S&P Global
 15-Mar    Luxembourg                  S&P Global
 15-Mar    Malta                       S&P Global
 15-Mar    Montenegro                  S&P Global
 15-Mar    Nigeria                     S&P Global
 15-Mar    Portugal                    S&P Global
 15-Mar    Italy                       Moody's
 15-Mar    Serbia                      Moody's
 15-Mar    Norway                      Fitch
 15-Mar    Switzerland                 Fitch
 22-Mar    Belgium                     S&P Global
 22-Mar    Croatia                     S&P Global
 22-Mar    Kenya                       S&P Global
 22-Mar    Latvia                      S&P Global
 22-Mar    Norway                      S&P Global
 22-Mar    Spain                       S&P Global
 22-Mar    Austria                     Moody's
 22-Mar    European Union              Moody's
 22-Mar    Bulgaria                    Fitch
 22-Mar    Denmark                     Fitch
 22-Mar    Kazakhstan                  Fitch
 22-Mar    Luxembourg                  Fitch
 22-Mar    Slovakia                    DBRS
 22-Mar    Spain                       DBRS
 29-Mar    Ethiopia                    S&P Global
 29-Mar    Saudi Arabia                S&P Global
 29-Mar    Cyprus                      Moody's
 29-Mar    South Africa                Moody's
 29-Mar    Sweden                      Moody's
 29-Mar    Zambia                      Moody's
 29-Mar    Poland                      Fitch
 05-Apr    Belarus                     S&P Global
 05-Apr    France                      S&P Global
 05-Apr    Morocco                     S&P Global
 05-Apr    Israel                      Moody's
 05-Apr    Slovakia                    Moody's
 05-Apr    Belgium                     Fitch
 05-Apr    Estonia                     Fitch
 05-Apr    Portugal                    DBRS
 12-Apr    Cameroon                    S&P Global
 12-Apr    Georgia                     S&P Global
 12-Apr    Germany                     S&P Global
 12-Apr    Poland                      S&P Global
 12-Apr    Ukraine                     S&P Global
 12-Apr    Czech Republic              Moody's
 12-Apr    Kuwait                      Moody's
 12-Apr    Montenegro                  Moody's
 12-Apr    Cyprus                      Fitch
 12-Apr    Latvia                      Fitch
 12-Apr    European Union              DBRS
 19-Apr    Oman                        S&P Global
 19-Apr    Belgium                     Moody's
 19-Apr    Poland                      Moody's
 26-Apr    Botswana                    S&P Global
 26-Apr    European Financial          S&P Global
           Stability Facility          
 26-Apr    Italy                       S&P Global
 26-Apr    United Kingdom              S&P Global
 26-Apr    Greece                      S&P Global
 26-Apr    Botswana                    Moody's
 26-Apr    Croatia                     Moody's
 26-Apr    Senegal                     Moody's
 26-Apr    Slovenia                    Moody's
 26-Apr    Netherlands                 Fitch
 26-Apr    United Kingdom              Fitch
 26-Apr    France                      DBRS
 26-Apr    Norway                      DBRS
 26-Apr    Sweden                      DBRS
 03-May    France                      Moody's
 03-May    Hungary                     Moody's
 03-May    Uganda                      Moody's
 03-May    Serbia                      Fitch
 03-May    Turkey                      Fitch
 03-May    Greece                      DBRS
 10-May    Egypt                       S&P Global
 10-May    Qatar                       S&P Global
 10-May    Estonia                     Moody's
 10-May    Norway                      Moody's
 10-May    Romania                     Fitch
 10-May    Uzbekistan                  Fitch
 17-May    Burkina Faso                S&P Global
 17-May    Iceland                     S&P Global
 17-May    Netherlands                 S&P Global
 17-May    Iceland                     Moody's
 17-May    Namibia                     Moody's
 17-May    United Kingdom              Moody's
 17-May    Ireland                     Fitch
 17-May    Slovakia                    Fitch
 17-May    Cyprus                      DBRS
 17-May    Finland                     DBRS
 24-May    South Africa                S&P Global
 24-May    Isle of Man                 Moody's
 24-May    Republic of Congo           Moody's
 24-May    Spain                       Moody's
 24-May    Armenia                     Fitch
 24-May    Iceland                     Fitch
 24-May    Portugal                    Fitch
 24-May    Estonia                     DBRS
 24-May    Latvia                      DBRS
 31-May    Bahrain                     S&P Global
 31-May    Bulgaria                    S&P Global
 31-May    Ireland                     S&P Global
 31-May    Liechtenstein               S&P Global
 31-May    Latvia                      Moody's
 31-May    Austria                     Fitch
 07-Jun    Estonia                     S&P Global
 07-Jun    Senegal                     S&P Global
 07-Jun    Denmark                     Moody's
 07-Jun    Croatia                     Fitch
 07-Jun    European Financial          Fitch
           Stability Facility          
 07-Jun    European Stability          Fitch
 07-Jun    Denmark                     DBRS
 07-Jun    Germany                     DBRS
 07-Jun    Poland                      DBRS
 14-Jun    Serbia                      S&P Global
 14-Jun    Slovenia                    S&P Global
 14-Jun    Uganda                      S&P Global
 14-Jun    Uzbekistan                  S&P Global
 14-Jun    Cameroon                    Moody's
 14-Jun    Gabon                       Moody's
 14-Jun    France                      Fitch
 14-Jun    Macedonia                   Fitch
 14-Jun    United Kingdom              DBRS
 21-Jun    Benin                       S&P Global
 21-Jun    Spain                       Fitch
 28-Jun    Belarus                     Fitch
 28-Jun    Sweden                      Fitch
 12-Jul    Qatar                       Moody's
 12-Jul    Romania                     Moody's
 12-Jul    Malta                       Fitch
 12-Jul    Italy                       DBRS
 12-Jul    Lithuania                   DBRS
 19-Jul    Andorra                     S&P Global
 19-Jul    Czech Republic              S&P Global
 19-Jul    Kuwait                      S&P Global
 19-Jul    Russia                      S&P Global
 19-Jul    Germany                     Moody's
 19-Jul    Malta                       Moody's
 19-Jul    Azerbaijan                  Fitch
 19-Jul    Germany                     Fitch
 19-Jul    Slovenia                    Fitch
 26-Jul    Azerbaijan                  S&P Global
 26-Jul    Guernsey                    S&P Global
 26-Jul    Jersey                      S&P Global
 26-Jul    Slovakia                    S&P Global
 26-Jul    Finland                     Moody's
 26-Jul    Moldova                     Moody's
 26-Jul    Czech Republic              Fitch
 26-Jul    Finland                     Fitch
 26-Jul    European Financial          DBRS
           Stability Facility          
 26-Jul    European Stability          DBRS
 26-Jul    The Netherlands             DBRS
 02-Aug    Albania                     S&P Global
 02-Aug    Democratic Republic of      S&P Global
 02-Aug    Israel                      S&P Global
 02-Aug    Mozambique                  S&P Global
 02-Aug    Turkey                      S&P Global
 02-Aug    Albania                     Moody's
 02-Aug    Ireland                     Moody's
 02-Aug    Andorra                     Fitch
 02-Aug    Greece                      Fitch
 02-Aug    Lithuania                   Fitch
 02-Aug    Ireland                     DBRS
 09-Aug    Angola                      S&P Global
 09-Aug    Rwanda                      S&P Global
 09-Aug    European Financial          Moody's
           Stability Facility          
 09-Aug    European Stability          Moody's
 09-Aug    Kenya                       Moody's
 09-Aug    Portugal                    Moody's
 09-Aug    Italy                       Fitch
 09-Aug    Russia                      Fitch
 09-Aug    Malta                       DBRS
 16-Aug    Hungary                     S&P Global
 16-Aug    Bosnia and Herzegovina      Moody's
 16-Aug    Netherlands                 Moody's
 16-Aug    Georgia                     Fitch
 16-Aug    Hungary                     Fitch
 16-Aug    Austria                     DBRS
 16-Aug    Belgium                     DBRS
 23-Aug    Iraq                        S&P Global
 23-Aug    Lithuania                   S&P Global
 23-Aug    Sweden                      S&P Global
 23-Aug    Switzerland                 S&P Global
 23-Aug    Tajikistan                  S&P Global
 23-Aug    Zambia                      S&P Global
 23-Aug    Lebanon                     S&P Global
 23-Aug    Greece                      Moody's
 23-Aug    Lithuania                   Moody's
 23-Aug    Bulgaria                    Fitch
 30-Aug    Cape Verde                  S&P Global
 30-Aug    Romania                     S&P Global
 30-Aug    Bulgaria                    Moody's
 30-Aug    Luxembourg                  Moody's
 30-Aug    Norway                      Fitch
 30-Aug    Switzerland                 Fitch
 30-Aug    Slovenia                    DBRS
 06-Sep    Bosnia and Herzegovina      S&P Global
 06-Sep    Republic of the Congo       S&P Global
 06-Sep    Cyprus                      S&P Global
 06-Sep    Denmark                     S&P Global
 06-Sep    Kazakhstan                  S&P Global
 06-Sep    Macedonia                   S&P Global
 06-Sep    Italy                       Moody's
 06-Sep    Serbia                      Moody's
 06-Sep    Kazakhstan                  Fitch
 06-Sep    Luxembourg                  Fitch
 06-Sep    Ukraine                     Fitch
 06-Sep    Luxembourg                  DBRS
 13-Sep    Austria                     S&P Global
 13-Sep    Finland                     S&P Global
 13-Sep    Ghana                       S&P Global
 13-Sep    Jordan                      S&P Global
 13-Sep    Luxembourg                  S&P Global
 13-Sep    Malta                       S&P Global
 13-Sep    Montenegro                  S&P Global
 13-Sep    Nigeria                     S&P Global
 13-Sep    Portugal                    S&P Global
 13-Sep    Austria                     Moody's
 13-Sep    European Union              Moody's
 13-Sep    Slovakia                    DBRS
 20-Sep    Belgium                     S&P Global
 20-Sep    Croatia                     S&P Global
 20-Sep    Kenya                       S&P Global
 20-Sep    Latvia                      S&P Global
 20-Sep    Norway                      S&P Global
 20-Sep    Spain                       S&P Global
 20-Sep    Cyprus                      Moody's
 20-Sep    Mozambique                  Moody's
 20-Sep    Sweden                      Moody's
 20-Sep    Denmark                     Fitch
 20-Sep    Spain                       DBRS
 27-Sep    Ethiopia                    S&P Global
 27-Sep    Saudi Arabia                S&P Global
 27-Sep    Ukraine                     S&P Global
 27-Sep    Israel                      Moody's
 27-Sep    Slovakia                    Moody's
 27-Sep    Poland                      Fitch
 27-Sep    Serbia                      Fitch
 04-Oct    Belarus                     S&P Global
 04-Oct    France                      S&P Global
 04-Oct    Morocco                     S&P Global
 04-Oct    Czech Republic              Moody's
 04-Oct    Montenegro                  Moody's
 04-Oct    Senegal                     Moody's
 04-Oct    Belgium                     Fitch
 04-Oct    Estonia                     Fitch
 04-Oct    European Union              DBRS
 04-Oct    Portugal                    DBRS
 11-Oct    Cameroon                    S&P Global
 11-Oct    Georgia                     S&P Global
 11-Oct    Germany                     S&P Global
 11-Oct    Poland                      S&P Global
 11-Oct    Belgium                     Moody's
 11-Oct    Kuwait                      Moody's
 11-Oct    Poland                      Moody's
 11-Oct    Cyprus                      Fitch
 11-Oct    Latvia                      Fitch
 11-Oct    Uzbekistan                  Fitch
 18-Oct    Oman                        S&P Global
 18-Oct    Croatia                     Moody's
 18-Oct    Slovenia                    Moody's
 18-Oct    United Kingdom              Fitch
 25-Oct    Botswana                    S&P Global
 25-Oct    European Financial          S&P Global
           Stability Facility          
 25-Oct    Italy                       S&P Global
 25-Oct    United Kingdom              S&P Global
 25-Oct    Greece                      S&P Global
 25-Oct    France                      Moody's
 25-Oct    Hungary                     Moody's
 25-Oct    Uganda                      Moody's
 25-Oct    Netherlands                 Fitch
 25-Oct    France                      DBRS
 25-Oct    Norway                      DBRS
 25-Oct    Sweden                      DBRS
 01-Nov    Czech Republic              S&P Global
 01-Nov    Estonia                     Moody's
 01-Nov    Norway                      Moody's
 01-Nov    South Africa                Moody's
 01-Nov    Turkey                      Fitch
 01-Nov    Greece                      DBRS
 08-Nov    Egypt                       S&P Global
 08-Nov    Qatar                       S&P Global
 08-Nov    Botswana                    Moody's
 08-Nov    Iceland                     Moody's
 08-Nov    United Kingdom              Moody's
 08-Nov    Romania                     Fitch
 08-Nov    Slovakia                    Fitch
 15-Nov    Burkina Faso                S&P Global
 15-Nov    Iceland                     S&P Global
 15-Nov    Netherlands                 S&P Global
 15-Nov    Isle of Man                 Moody's
 15-Nov    Republic of Congo           Moody's
 15-Nov    Spain                       Moody's
 15-Nov    Zambia                      Moody's
 15-Nov    Ireland                     Fitch
 15-Nov    Belarus                     Fitch
 15-Nov    Italy                       DBRS
 15-Nov    Cyprus                      DBRS
 15-Nov    Finland                     DBRS
 22-Nov    South Africa                S&P Global
 22-Nov    Latvia                      Moody's
 22-Nov    Armenia                     Fitch
 22-Nov    Iceland                     Fitch
 22-Nov    Portugal                    Fitch
 22-Nov    Austria                     Fitch
 22-Nov    Estonia                     DBRS
 22-Nov    Latvia                      DBRS
 29-Nov    Bahrain                     S&P Global
 29-Nov    Bulgaria                    S&P Global
 29-Nov    Ireland                     S&P Global
 29-Nov    Liechtenstein               S&P Global
 29-Nov    Cameroon                    Moody's
 29-Nov    Denmark                     Moody's
 06-Dec    Estonia                     S&P Global
 06-Dec    Senegal                     S&P Global
 06-Dec    Gabon                       Moody's
 06-Dec    Namibia                     Moody's
 06-Dec    Croatia                     Fitch
 06-Dec    European Financial          Fitch
           Stability Facility          
 06-Dec    European Stability          Fitch
 06-Dec    Sweden                      Fitch
 06-Dec    Denmark                     DBRS
 06-Dec    Poland                      DBRS
 06-Dec    Germany                     DBRS
 13-Dec    Serbia                      S&P Global
 13-Dec    Slovenia                    S&P Global
 13-Dec    Uganda                      S&P Global
 13-Dec    Uzbekistan                  S&P Global
 13-Dec    France                      Fitch
 13-Dec    Macedonia                   Fitch
 13-Dec    Spain                       Fitch
 13-Dec    United Kingdom              DBRS
 20-Dec    Benin                       S&P Global

 (Compiled by Marc Jones and Ritvik Carvalho, editing by Larry
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