Oil Report

FACTBOX-Some Venezuelan oil ships to Asia and other points despite sanctions

    Feb 12 (Reuters) - Some of Venezuela's oil exports have continued to flow almost completely unimpeded by U.S. sanctions on
state-run oil company PDVSA           . 
    PDVSA  has managed to ship out some 1.15 million barrels per day (bpd) of crude and refined products since sanctions were
imposed on Jan. 28, according to Refinitiv Eikon data. These numbers exclude cargoes loaded in the same period that remain
anchored off Venezuelan ports due to obstacles created by the U.S. measures to pay for them.
    Below are the Venezuelan crude cargoes en route to India, China, Singapore, Malaysia and other destinations. 
 Tanker name         Class    Content      Volume (barrels    Destination          Customer                               ETA
                                           per day)                                                                       
 Baghdad             VLCC     Crude        2 million          Vadinar, India       Nayara Energy                          Mar 18
 Freud               Suezmax  Fuel oil     900,000            Cartagena, Spain     Unknown                                Feb 22
 Maran Aphrodite     VLCC     Crude        1.9 million        Sikka, India         Reliance                               May 3
 Olympic Friendship  Suezmax  Fuel oil     900,000            China                CNPC                                   Mar 20
 Suez Vasilis        Suezmax  Fuel oil     900,000            Singapore            Unknown                                Mar 14
 Gener8 Success      VLCC     Crude        2 million          Singapore            CNPC                                   Mar 14
 C Spirit            VLCC     Crude        2 million          Mundra, India        Nayara Energy                          Mar 10
 Willard J           Medium   Refined      240,000            Paranagua, Brazil    Unknown                                Feb 19
 Gener8 Andriotis    VLCC     Crude        1.9 million        Singapore            CNPC                                   Mar 17
 Leon Dias           Medium   Refined      240,000            Cuba                 Cupet/Cubametales                      NA
 Paramount Helsinki  Aframax  Crude        450,000            Corpus Christi,      Citgo                                  Feb 12
                                                              United States                                               
 LR1 Ambassador      Panamax  Crude        500,000            La Coruna, Spain     Repsol                                 Feb 15
 New Activity        Aframax  Crude        500,000            Sweden               Nynas                                  Feb 21
 Levantine Sea       Medium   Refined      500,000            Bilbao, Spain        Unknown                                Feb 14
 Golden Ray          Small    Refined      240,000            Rotterdam            Unknown                                Feb 13
 Gulf Mews           Medium   Refined      240,000            Japan                Unknown                                Mar 10
 Folegrandos I       VLCC     Crude        2 million          Sikka, India         Reliance                               Mar 16
 Baker Spirit        Suezmax  Crude        950,000            Unknown              Unknown                                NA
                              TOTAL        18.36 million                           1.15 million bpd of crude and          
 (Reporting by Marianna Parraga and Collin Eaton
Editing by Marguerita Choy)